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Listed below are resources from FCPS and the community on a wide variety of topics to help families and educators support student success.

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Digital Resources from FCPS and the Community

Fall 2021: Return to Five Days In-Person Learning

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Description: The unusual end to the last school year led to many school staff not seeing their students for months. This is a new experience for everyone and, with no playbook, schools are embarking on a first day of school unlike any other. Tune in for a panel discussion with Children's National experts Nathaniel Beers, M.D., and Angela Fletcher, Psy.D., about what to expect with virtual learning in the new school year and what to look forward to with in-person learning in the future.

Description: The worldwide pandemic impacts individual children differently. As the new school year gets underway, Children’s National experts will offer advice on how to view the pandemic through a developmental lens including children with developmental disabilities who receive special education services, and ways to welcome students of different ages, stages and abilities back to school.

Description: While some sports have been delayed or seasons cancelled, others have continued on. How can teams and individuals safely train and practice during the worldwide pandemic, and what are the challenges that lie ahead for organized sports? Children's National orthopaedic surgeons and athletic trainers will weigh in on what they've seen and what the impacts of training or not training could be on young athletes. PLUS they will share information about the Children's National Fight for Children Sports Medicine Center opening later this year.


Advanced Academic Programs (AAP)

Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias FCPS Education Policy

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  • Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias Curriculum Policy Survey: Provide input on the development of a new curriculum policy
  • Controversial Issues Policy (Policy 3280.3)
  • Equity Profile:The Equity Profile uses data and publishes performance measures that can be analyzed, quantified, and disaggregated to evaluate the extent to which our systems are achieving goals."
  • ONE FAIRFAX: One Fairfax offers a framework for the county and schools to look intentionally, comprehensively, and systemically at barriers that may be creating gaps in opportunity.

Digital Citizenship


Early Childhood Education

Family Engagement

Mental Health and Wellness Supports During COVID

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Section 504

Special Education

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Community Resources

  • Special Education & 504 Resources Padlet: Support Guides, organizations, workshops, websites, and reading material to learn about disabilities, your rights, and resources that are available to support your child.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Wellness and Mental Health

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