Google Workspace for Education Safety

FCPS employs several strategies to ensure a safe Google Workspace for Education environment for students.

Ensuring the safe and responsible use of technology is a shared responsibility. Students, staff, and parents each have a role in making Google Workspace a safe and supportive online space.

The FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities and Acceptable Use Policy explains expectations for student behavior in our schools, which includes the online tools used by students.

FCPS employs multiple strategies to ensure a safe Google Workspace environment for students. Strategies include:

  • Managing the FCPS Google Workspace Environment.
  • Using an Internet Content Filter.
  • Providing Digital Citizenship education and resources for students, parents and teachers.
  • Investigating cases of inappropriate use.
  • Encouraging a shared responsibility model that urges parents to log in with their child on a regular basis.
  • Use of a Word Filter for Gmail. To encourage positive writing skills in our students, FCPS uses a word filter for inappropriate words in Gmail. If a student tries to send an email through their FCPS Gmail with a filtered word in the subject or body of a message, the email will not be sent. A message will appear asking the student to review the email, think about the words used, and to resend the email after making edits.