School-Based Technology Specialist Opportunities

School-Based Technology Specialists (SBTS) Hiring Information

Educators interested in becoming a School-Based Technology Specialist (SBTS) first must be accepted into the SBTS Candidate Pool. Details around the pool entry process are outlined below.

Candidate’s who successfully become a member of the pool will receive an email from the Educational Technology Team detailing how to apply to SBTS vacancies as they are advertised by Human Resources (HR). The process then shifts to the school and the SBTS is hired by the school’s principal.

SBTS Candidate Pool Process

The SBTS Candidate Pool has been established to ensure that the educators available to principals to interview for an open SBTS position have baseline skills, knowledge, and dispositions to successfully grow into the SBTS position. The process for getting into the SBTS Candidate Pool is a coaching process that focuses on getting an understanding of an educator’s level of skill and knowledge in identified areas. Educators who enter the process will remain a part of it until they are added to the candidate pool or decide to remove themselves from the process.

Step 1: Apply

  1. Interested educators apply to the the SBTS Candidate Pool via the Human Resources (HR) advertisement.
  2. Human Resources reviews each applicant’s resume. Applicants are screened to make sure they meet these minimum requirements:
    • A bachelor’s degree or higher.
    • Current teaching license.
    • Three (3) years of experience as a classroom teacher integrating technology.
  3. Applicants that meet the minimum requirements move on to the next step.

Step 2: Contact and Details

  • Resumes are forwarded to the Educational Technology, Learning Partnerships team.
  • Applicants are contacted via email by a member of the Educational Technology, Learning Partnership team with details on preparing for an entry conference with a Coach.

Step 3: Entry Conference

The purpose of the entry conference is for the Coach to

  • Get to know the educator.
  • Evaluate the educator's baseline skills, knowledge, and dispositions in these four foundational areas:
    • Forming Relationships with Adults
    • Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning
    • Facilitating Learning for Adults
    • Communicating

Step 4: Moving Forward

After the entry conference, the Coach contacts the candidate via email to let them know either:

  • The entry conference conversation resulted in sufficient evidence to move them into the SBTS Candidate Pool.
  • There were areas of need that require the candidate to move to a coaching cycle.

Candidate Pool

Those placed in the candidate pool will begin to receive SBTS vacancy announcements from the Educational Technology, Learning Partnerships team as they are advertised by HR.

Coaching Cycle

Those placed in a coaching cycle will meet with their Coach to create a coaching plan that will support them in demonstrating the knowledge and skills that were not evident during the entry conference.

Coaching cycles will continue until the candidate successfully enters the pool or decides to remove themselves from the process.


Contact the Educational Technology-Learning Partnerships Group (571-423-4571) if you have more questions about the process.


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