School-Based Technology Specialist Opportunities

School-Based Technology Specialists (SBTS) Hiring Information


The School-Based Technology Specialist (SBTS) Hiring Process establishes a pool of qualified candidates whose experiences, skills, and professional learning are best suited for the School Based Technology Specialist position. This pool provides schools with a variety of applicants to increase the likelihood that the best fit can be found to meet the school’s needs. The final decision on who is hired for an SBTS position lies with the school administrator.

The process for hiring a School Based Technology Specialist has two phases:

  • Phase 1: SBTS Pool Selection Process
  • Phase 2: Getting into a School

Individuals interested in becoming an SBTS must complete Phase 1 and be placed in the SBTS Hiring Pool to be eligible for Phase 2. 

Please contact the Educational Technology-Learning Partnerships Group (571-423-4571) if you have more questions about the hiring process.

Phase 1 - SBTS Pool Selection Process

Step 1: Applicant Screening

To apply to the FCPS SBTS pool, candidates must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • A current teaching license.
  • Three years of experience as a classroom teacher integrating technology.

Candidates apply when the SBTS pool is advertised in the Operational Staff Opportunities section of the FCPS Current Job Openings. A cover letter is not required.

Resumes of applicants that meet the minimum HR requirements are sent to the SBTS Management Office for Step 2.

Step 2: Resume Screening

The Educational Technology-Learning Partnerships Office will review each resume looking for:

  • Leadership
  • Integration of technology in instruction
  • Supporting and/or coaching adults in integrating technology and/or with their learning
  • Personal learning and growth

Candidates who pass the resume screening will move to Step 3.

Step 3: Recommendations & Responses

The Educational Technology-Learning Partnerships office will email applicants two tasks to complete. Both tasks must be completed and submitted by the date outlined in the email from the Educational Technology-Learning Partnerships Group

  1. An administrator and colleague recommendation survey
    1. Administrator Survey: The candidate will send a survey link to her/his current or previous evaluating administrator.
    2. Colleague Survey: The candidate will send a survey link to a colleague that currently, or just recently, worked with the candidate daily. 
  2. Responses to a set of essay prompts to send back to the SBTS Management office.

Responses to the surveys and essay prompts determine which candidates move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Screening Interview

Candidates will have a 30-minute interview at an FCPS central office location. The interview will be conducted by members of the Educational Technology-Learning Partnerships Group.

The questions will be situation and behavior based. The following resources may be helpful in preparing for interview questions:

All candidates interviewed will be notified whether they will be added to the SBTS hiring pool or not.

Candidates who have successfully moved through Phase 1 will be placed in the SBTS Hiring Pool.

Phase 2 - Getting into a School

Individuals that are a part of the SBTS Hiring Pool, and current SBTS, are notified via email when a school has an SBTS opening. Those interested in applying for the opening should read the email carefully and follow the directions included in the advertisement. Once the advertisement has closed, the process for hiring the SBTS shifts to the school and the school’s principal/administrator.

Operational Staff Opportunities

Includes school-based and central office staff, safety and security, facilities management, human resources, bus drivers, trades jobs, financial services, and information technology.

Employees, Applicants, and Retirees

Submit questions or concerns, as well as upload forms and other documents through the FCPS StaffConnect portal. Human Resources representatives are also available for assistance Monday – Friday (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) by calling 571-423-3000 or 1-800-831-4331.