Value Proposition for Ignite Partners

Being an Ignite Partner has real value.

Businesses and community groups who have a signed “Ignite Partnership” agreement with Fairfax County Public Schools automatically receive the following benefits:

2017-18 "Ignite Partner" Digital Badge
"Ignite Partner" Digital Badge
  • An “Ignite Partner” digital badge. 

  • Listing on the FCPS “Our Partners” web page as “Ignite Partner.” 

  • Discounted rate for Community Use of FCPS facilities.

  • Automatically receive an invitation to apply for the FCPS Partner of the Year award, awarded by Educate Fairfax.

  • Automatic consideration for a Virginia School Boards Association Business Honor Roll award for our for-profit partners.

  • Invitation to share multimedia content related to the partnership on FCPS social media sites.

  • Brief FCPS produced video about the partnership for Ignite Partners who reach 5 year anniversary for distribution by FCPS and Ignite Partner*.  (Subject to FCPS resourcing availability).

While parts of our Value Proposition are based on partnering longevity, Fairfax County Public Schools recognizes that some partners support us beyond our expectations and that longevity is not the only measuring stick of excellence. FCPS reserves the right to honor that “exceptional support” sooner than is listed in here.

* Affiliate partners of Genesys Works and Urban Alliance excluded, except as potential mentions in video’s produced about Genesys Works or Urban Alliance.