Family Communication Tools: Schoology

Schoology Family Resource Kit

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Learn the basics of using your Parent Schoology account to communicate with you student's school and teachers. Text directions are below the video.

The Schoology Activity Feed

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity area shows posts made by school administrators. This area is called the Activity Feed.

This is a place to check information that is being shared with you.

Schoology Screenshot of the Recent Activity area

You may respond directly to any post.

Schoology Screenshot of responding to a post

You will receive email notifications that alert you to new updates.

Schoology Screenshot of switching accountsSwitch Between Parent/Guardian Account and Student Account

You can also see how the Activity Feed looks to your child.

  1. Click on your name. You will see your children listed below you.
  2. Click on your child’s name. You will then see how Schoology looks to that child.

You can see what information has been posted to your child’s courses and groups.

You will not receive an email notification when new updates are made to your child’s feed.

Schoology Screenshot of the student feed

You can return to your Parent Account by once again selecting your name from the Account Switcher.

Schoology Screenshot of account switcher

Schoology Notification Settings

Schoology Notification Settings screenshot of steps 1 and 2Turn emails on or off

  1. Click on your Name.
  2. Then click on Settings.
  3. Go to the Notifications tab.
    Schoology screenshot of notification settings step 3
  4. Turn the emails you want to get On or Off. Anything turned On will send a personal email to you.
    Schoology Screenshot of notification settings step 4

Schoology Email Digest

You can choose to get an email digest of your child's activity in Schoology.

To turn on email digest in your parent account:

  1. Switch to view your child’s account.
  2. Select Settings.
    Schoology screenshot steps 1 and 2 for email digest
  3. Schoology screenshot of steps 3-5 for the email digestGo to the Notifications tab.
  4. Turn Email Summary: On.
  5. Choose Daily or Weekly.
  6. To get an email when your child has overdue work, under Overdue Submissions Email, Email Notification, select On.
  7. Click Save Changes.

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