Work Awareness and Transition (WAT) - (Career and Transition Services)

Work Awareness and Transition (WAT) is a course for middle and high school students with disabilities that emphasizes personal awareness, career exploration, and work expectations.

Work Awareness and Transition (WAT) is a class for middle and high school students with disabilities. Through this class students will learn about different careers. Students will develop work skills and may also take part in a community work experience (CWE).
WAT prepares students for the world of work through:

  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Career interest inventories
  • Career training
  • Community trips
  • Transition planning
  • Work experiences

Students participating in WAT in high school have the opportunity to take part in work-based learning activities. They also get to develop and practice work skills in real community settings.

Middle School WAT (grades 7 and 8)

The WAT middle school curriculum focuses on job readiness skills.

Students will:

  • Develop the skills needed for exploring, preparing for, and entering the world of work.
  • Explore career interests, learn work-related skills, and how to communicate with peers and adults.
  • Focus on personal strengths and abilities, and address personal areas of need.

Students will have the opportunity to assist with work tasks, projects, and jobs within the school building.

High School WAT (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)

The WAT high school curriculum focuses on workplace readiness skills.

Students will:

  • Explore the career clusters.
  • Receive transition support related to career training, employment, or other postsecondary activities.
  • Develop self-awareness and self-advocacy with making choices, problem solving, and goal setting.
  • Learn about self-determination, self-advocacy, and understand their IEP.

Who to contact for more information?

For more information about WAT, contact:

  • The assigned WAT teacher at your school
  • Your school counselor
  • Your special education teacher
  • Your employment and transition representative (high school only)
  • Career and Transition Services at 571-423-4150