FCPS Calendar Feedback Committee 

How the committee is created

When developing a school year calendar, Fairfax County Public Schools follows guidance from the Virginia Department of Education. That guidance includes a reference to the creation of a calendar committee: 

“Establish a committee with broad representation. Depending on the school or institution, stakeholders should include lead diversity, equity, and inclusion staff, as well as teachers, school leaders, parents, students, religious leaders from a variety of traditions (i.e. Christian, Judaism, Muslim, Hindu, etc.), diverse group of leaders of cultural institutions, legal representation, and community leaders.”

FCPS’ Calendar Feedback Committee is charged with providing input on what they believe should be included in the school calendar. Committee members will represent the following groups:

FCPS Staff

  • Department of Special Services
  • Department of School Improvements and Supports
  • Department of Human Resources
  • Equity and Cultural Responsiveness
  • Instructional Services Department
  • Office of Division Counsel


  • Superintendent Student Advisory Council


  • Fairfax County Council PTA
  • Special Education Parent Teacher Association


  • Teacher Associations
  • Operational Associations
  • Principal Associations
  • Faith-Based

The FCPS Calendar Feedback Committee is scheduled to meet November 17, and December 1. Get information about the calendar creation process