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Questions About Registration:

ESOL Closings:

Welcome to Fairfax County Public Schools Adult and Community Education (FCPS ACE). Our emphasis is on career and work readiness along with our premier adult ESOL programs. You will find a wide range of training opportunities in apprenticeship, business, information technology, health and medical, and trade and industrial programs. We also offer enrichment programs for K-adult including culinary arts, driver education, and world languages. We strive to provide our students with enriching programs that are high quality, affordable, and meet their educational goals. ACE supports the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate and the Strategic Plan--Ignite--incorporating best practices in teaching and learning.

Register for a Class


  • Register online anytime
  • Online registration is confirmed immediately
  • Note: Not all classes are available for online registration


  • Complete the registration form
  • Make check payable to FCPS ACE
  • Mail the form and payment to:

FCPS-ACE Registration
6815 Edsall Road
Springfield, VA 22151

In Person:

Plum Center for Lifelong Learning
6815 Edsall Road
Springfield, VA 22151
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Note: Until further notice, in-person registrations are not accepted. Please use our Online or Mail options, or call 703-658-1201 for more details.

Company or Organization

Companies or organizations have 3 options on how to send their people to an FCPS ACE class.

  1. Purchase Orders (PO)
  2. Letters of Authorization (LOA)

Complete a registration form for each person and send them, along with a copy of your PO or LOA:

By email: [email protected]

By mail:

Adult and Community Education, Department A
6815 Edsall Road
Springfield, VA 22151

Please allow two weeks for processing.

  1. Online Account.

Setting up an account is easy to do, saving time and effort to ensure that you get your people directly into the classes you want. Once you set up the account, select “Add Student”, complete the online form, and then you can register your people for the class(es) of your choosing, pay by company credit card, and get instant proof of registration.

Companies/organizations enrolling students using either a PO or LOA are obligated to pay textbook, material, lab, and tuition fees associated with these enrollments within 30 days of registration. There are no discounts for classes missed. Payment should reference class number and student names and be sent to:

Adult and Community Education, Department F
Fairfax County Public Schools
Pimmit Hills Center
7510 Lisle Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22043

Under 18?

Adult Classes

  • Adult education classes are for students 18 years and older unless otherwise specified.
    • In some instances, exceptions may be approved for a student who is less than 18 years old to attend an adult education class.
    • Contact Student Services 703-658-2709 for information about an underage waiver.
    • Requests require two weeks advance notice.

K-12 Classes

K-12 classes contain grade level or age requirements. Parents or guardians are required to complete and submit an emergency care form for each student in addition to registering their student. Email completed emergency care forms to [email protected].

Students Who are at least 12 Years Old

Students who are at least 12 years old, may be permitted to sign themselves in and out of an FCPS ACE K-12 class. To do this, the registering adult must notify FCPS ACE in writing that they want their student to have this ability. Without this written documentation, students will not be allowed to sign themselves into and out of class without an adult present. Notification can be emailed to [email protected].

Late Arrival and Early Pick-up

Parents or guardians who know that their child will be late for or miss a class need to notify FCPS ACE in advance by emailing [email protected].

Parents or guardians who need to pick up their child before the end of the scheduled class need to email [email protected].

Non-Fairfax County Public School Students (K-12)

Non-FCPS students registering for K-12 enrichment courses must submit additional documentation along with their completed registration form and payment. Please see FCPS Student Registration for required documentation and additional information on this requirement.

Over 62?

  • Fairfax County residents 62 years of age or older may opt for a 25 percent tuition discount.
  • The birth date/year must be provided on your registration form to be eligible.
  • Discount must be claimed at time of registration.
  • Fairfax County residents 62 years of age or older who suffer a financial hardship may apply for a full tuition waiver.
  • The waiver may be used for one class per term; all textbook and user fees must be paid.
  • To obtain an application for a waiver, call 703-658-1201 at least two weeks prior to the class start date or download an application.
  • Submit your registration together with the waiver application and appropriate payment.
  • No senior adult waivers are allowed for ESOL, online classes, or for other classes as noted.

User Fees

User fees contribute to expenses unique to program/course and may include any of the following: instructor and student supplies, equipment maintenance and replacement, computer or specialized lab fees, instructor support and development, transcripts and certificates, and facility fees.