Special Education Instruction - Contact Information

Contact information for the programs and services provided by the Office of Special Education Instruction.

Office of Special Education Instruction

Adapted Curriculum, PreK-12

Adapted PE

  • Adapted PE Educational Specialist: Phyllis Orner, paorner@fcps.edu, 571-423-4182

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Assessment and Extended School Year (ESY) Summer Services

Assistive Technology

  • Program Manager: Jeff Sisk, jlsisk@fcps.edu, 571-423-4867
  • Administrative Assistant: Kayla Kleen, 571-423-4863
  • Educational Specialist: Lisa Givens, ldgivens@fcps.edu, 571-423-4872
  • Functional Applications Specialist: Meaghan Tracy, mmtracy@fcps.edu, 571-423-4873

Behavior Intervention Services

Career and Transition Services (Department of Counseling, College and Career Readiness)

Communication Disorders

Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH)/Vision Impairment(VI) Services

Early Childhood Identification and Services

Special Education Instruction Services, PreK-12

Special Education Related Services

Special Education Teacher Support

Therapy Services (PT/OT)

Regional Support

To identify the region of a school: go to our schools and centers page, search for the school, and select the school once it appears in the search results.