Academic Overview

Find out about the variety of programs and services that FCPS offers to all of its students.

When parents think about moving, the quality of the public schools almost always ranks at the top of the list. Here in Fairfax County, businesses choose to relocate to this area because of our academic excellence. Families look for homes in Fairfax County when their children are ready to start school because of our world-class reputation. But sometimes, academic excellence is confused with test scores and rigor. At FCPS, our academics are about much more.

We want our students to be ready for the future. We want to give them a wide variety of opportunities and experiences to prepare them for education and employment after high school. We want our students to be productive, responsible members of society who can compete in the global economy.

For us, it's about understanding each student as an individual and respecting their needs. For some of our students, it is about academic rigor and that's where our Advanced Academics program, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Placement programs are available. For others, it is about learning a trade or other skills to take beyond the college experience. That's why we offer Career and Technical Education and six high school academies.

In all our schools, at all ages and all levels of ability, FCPS students have the chance to explore academics, athletics, the arts, and more. This is where they begin to open the door to possibilities. Take a look at all we have to offer.