Social Media in FCPS

See where to find FCPS on social media and access related resources.

Social media is one of several tools Fairfax County Public Schools uses to communicate with staff, students, parents, and community members. Follow us on the following social platforms:

Many of our schools, offices, and departments have social media accounts as well. Visit their individual webpages for links to their social media accounts.


Social Media Disclaimer – Please keep these points in mind when engaging with FCPS on social media.

Digital Citizenship – Teachers, parents, and students are encouraged to visit FCPS' Digital Citizenship page for practices to help ensure students' safe, responsible, and ethical use of technology.

Social Media Best Practices for Students – Find tips for students who use social media to communicate with FCPS on the Social Media Best Practices for Students page.

Social Media Guidance for Staff (Non-Instructional Use) – Staff members are encouraged to bring their best selves to social media just as they do in the classroom or office. Please view Social Media Guidance for Staff for FCPS' expectations around staff use of social media.

Maximize Your Social Media Efforts – Are you a staff member who wants to make the most of your social media efforts? The Social Media Best Practices for Staff page offers simple strategies to increase your impact, along with specific suggestions for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Create FCPS Social Media Accounts – Employee Hub, the employee website, has instructions on how to set up an FCPS social media account. Note: Employees use their network ID and password to log in to the Hub.