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The Office of Assessment and Reporting coordinates the division’s assessment program, including the preparation, administration, interpretation, and communication of student assessments. The office strives to cultivate positive and purposeful assessment experiences for Fairfax County students, families, teachers, and school leaders while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local guidelines.

Previously known as the Office of Student Testing, the office was renamed in July 2020, when it joined the Department of School Improvement and Supports. 

The Office of Assessment and Reporting is organized into three teams addressing core areas of support and service to the FCPS community:

Policy and Administration

The assessment policy and administration team is responsible for implementation oversight. The team provides professional development, guidance, and support for school staff to ensure that all students have appropriate assessment experiences.  

Operations and Reporting

The assessment operations team oversees physical and electronic assessment resources. The team provides data management and logistical support necessary to ensure valid assessment results are reported for families, schools, and the state. 

Accountability and Improvement

The accountability and improvement team is responsible for coordinating communication and resources about measures of student success. The team works closely with other Department of School Improvement and Supports staff to monitor and support school performance with assessments and other achievement measures.