Dunn Loring Capital Project

Repurposing of Property with New School Construction

Dunn Loring Elementary School, currently the Dunn Loring Administrative Center, is identified to relieve overcrowding in the Dunn Loring/Falls Church/Tysons areas. Renovations with additions will total approximately 118,000 SF. 

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Honoring the History of Dunn Loring Center

The Dunn Loring Administrative Center project will create a new elementary school, addressing the needs of a rapidly growing community and restoring the site to its original purpose. Honoring the historical significance of the building and land is an important part of the project. Artifacts from the original building will be preserved and displayed in the future elementary school. Additional ways to honor this important history are also being considered.

Some have expressed concern that the original building, as a whole or in portions, would not be reused. The design consultant evaluated the potential to reuse any portion of the building as part of the design process. Unfortunately, we could not keep any of the original building and meet current educational requirements. To attempt to reuse the building would also increase costs significantly. 

In June 2022, at the onset of the design process, Fairfax County Public Schools staff and design consultant engaged Fairfax County staff from the Department of Planning and Development, Heritage Resources. The inquiry was specifically regarding the historical significance of the building and our inability to repurpose the physical structure. At that time, the County’s Preservation Planner and History Commission liaison shared information on the local inventory of historic sites, and that the Architectural Review Board could be engaged for input on a voluntary basis.

While the building does have history, there are no limitations on our ability to modify or replace the structure. The Fairfax County Inventory of Historic Sites includes approximately 350 historically significant sites ranging from the internationally known Mount Vernon to numerous anonymous sites and structures including churches, bridges, houses, and graveyards. The Dunn Loring School is included on this inventory. The inventory is an honorary distinction, but does not impose restrictions for property owners. 

The Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan recognizes these sites and encourages preservation when possible. However, at least 60 sites have been demolished since the creation of the inventory. The original Dunn Loring School building will be among those that must be replaced to better serve the community. Doing so does not diminish the historical importance of the land on which it sits.

The addition of a new elementary school in this area will positively impact as many as ten other elementary schools by relieving the pressures of increasing enrollment growth. As we celebrate the future, we will continue to remember the past. We hope the preservation of select artifacts and a thoughtful display will invite future generations to learn more about the story of the Dunn Loring School.

We have heard the most recent concerns of the Fairfax County History Commission. As planning and design continues on this project, we will consult with them in the process and work together to ensure student needs are met while we honor and preserve the history of the Dunn Loring building and the land.


Future Events

Information on community meetings will be posted here once they are planned.  

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Dunn Loring Elementary School Construction
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Key Build Information

Funding: 2021 Bond (Planning/Design)
Future Building Area: 118,000 SF
Building Area: TBD
Acreage: TBD
Prior Renovation: TBD
Prior Capacity Enhancement: TBA
2008 Renovation Rank: #49
Architect: Samaha
Contractor: TBD
Current Status: In Permitting
Estimated Completion: 2027

School Information

Address: 2334 Gallows Road, Dunn Loring, VA 22027 
FCPS Region: TBD
Grades: TBD
HS Pyramid: TBD
MS Feeder: TBD
Opened: n/a
Title 1: TBD
K-3 Cap: TBD
Programs: TBD

Past Engagement, Planning & Construction Information


November 10, 2022 Community Meeting

September 21, 2022 Design Feedback & Engagement Committee Meeting #2

June 6, 2022 Design Feedback & Engagement Committee Meeting #1

March 10, 2022 School Board Meeting

  • View Agenda
  • View Recording - Agenda Item 5.07 - Dunn Loring Elementary Project ​​​​​​at 1:45:27

February 10, 2022 - Board Meeting


February 3. 2021 School Board Meeting

  • Action on the FY2022-2026 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Motion Amendment for “Fairfax/Oakton” to “Dunn Loring ES” (agenda)

January 5, 2021 School Board Meeting

  • View Agenda 
  • View Recording - Agenda Item 1.02 - Dunn Loring Elementary Project ​​​​​​at 25:27


December 17 2020 -  Joint PTA meeting (Mosaic [former Mosby Woods], Providence, Oakton elementary schools)



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