Adapted Physical Education Services

Providing developmentally-appropriate physical education to meet the individualized needs of students with disabilities.

In Fairfax County Public Schools, adapted physical education services are offered by a multidisciplinary team. In collaboration with teachers and staff members, a variety of strategies and supports are integrated into physical education to ensure safe and successful participation for each student.

A continuum of adapted physical education services provides students with instruction in the least restrictive environment. Adapted physical education teachers provide support, consultation, and collaboration for students requiring specialized instruction. School-based adapted physical education teachers provide specialized instruction for students in self-contained adapted physical education classes.


A student’s need for adapted physical education services may vary over the course of their educational career, especially due to changes in curricular demands and student performance.

If you have questions about meeting a student’s needs in physical education via adapted physical education services, please call 571-423-4182.