Department of Strategy, Planning and Learning

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The Department of Strategy, Planning and Learning is responsible for strategy and planning, division wide professional learning, research and strategic improvement, and portfolio management. 

The department brings together key offices that focus on alignment of the organizational efforts across the division to implement the goals and priorities identified by the FCPS School Board and community during a 10-month strategic plan engagement process. 

The department works across the division to improve organizational effectiveness and student outcomes by fostering new systems that support leaders in future focusing the work, while simultaneously attending to the present-day challenges with clear priorities, project management practices, and accountability systems.

The department oversees the following offices: 

Office of Professional Learning

The Office of Professional Learning leads and provides dynamic professional development that cultivates a community of learners where staff and stakeholders partner to ensure excellence, equity, and opportunity. 

The office ensures professional growth and career development by providing dynamic and personalized professional learning for all FCPS staff.

Office of Research and Strategic Improvement 

The Office of Research and Strategic Improvement (ORSI) serves FCPS staff members, the School Board, and the community through research-based processes, tools, and evidence. Our reports include program evaluations, monitoring projects, and research studies that present evidence of division, school, and program impact and effectiveness.