Student Information System - SIS ParentVUE Account Overview

Provides online access to information about your child’s attendance, class performance, demographic data and course materials.

The SIS ParentVUE Account (Student Information System ParentVUE Account) is the FCPS secure solution for accessing information about your child's attendance, class performance, demographic data, and link to Schoology. It provides an additional conduit for communication with your child's school. Customized for Elementary, Middle, and High School students, your SIS ParentVUE Account login credentials can also be used to access Schoology.

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Online Registration Opened June 30th

This optional self-service registration tool enables New and Returning (re-enrolling) families to register students entering Kindergarten (00) through 12th grade for the 2023-2024 school year.

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For assistance obtaining a new or replacement Activation Key, please complete this online request.


All parents/guardians of Middle School and High School students who have registered for a SIS ParentVUE Account and have a primary email address recorded in SIS ParentVUE can receive Weekly Progress Reports via email. This report provides a summary of your student(s) grades for the current quarter. To activate the Weekly Progress Reports via email, login to your SIS ParentVUE Account and first verify that you have a primary email address within the system. It is listed under the “My Account” tab. If it is blank, enter the email address where you would like to receive the progress reports and click on update account. Once confirmed, parents/guardians are able to activate and select their preferences for receiving these reports within the SIS ParentVUE “My Account” tab.

Weekly progress reports for all of your Middle and High School students will be included in one email. FCPS Elementary Schools do not use the SIS grade book and therefore are not included in these reports. 

For questions about a specific progress report or grade you can login into your SIS ParentVUE Account to find detailed grade book information. Additionally, your student’s teacher is always the best resource to answer any grade book questions that you may have.
Weekly Progress Report Parent Quick Reference Guide


Tues, Oct 25 - Wed Nov 9, 2022 First Quarter Grading
Sat, Nov 19 - Sat, Nov 26, 2022 Thanksgiving Holidays
Sat, Dec 17, 2022 - Mon, Jan 2, 2023 Winter Holidays
Mon, Jan 23 - Mon, Feb 06, 2023  Second Quarter Grading
Mon, Apr 3 - Mon, Apr 24, 2023 Third Quarter Grading and Spring Break
Mon, Jun 12, 2023
(last day of school is Fri, Jun 16, 2023)
FCPS Weekly Progress Reports End


SIS ParentVUE Account Provides:  access to view your child’s student information, including attendance, report cards, class schedules, grade book (for Middle and High School students), course history, discipline, health, and school information. 

Schoology Parent Account Provides: access to view your child’s courses, groups, assignments, and calendar. Parents can also check messages, adjust their notification settings, and access additional groups or courses if they are enrolled as members.


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View district and teacher messages.


Elementary: The calendar shows important school dates, such as holidays, vacations, and non-student attendance days.

Middle and High Schools: The calendar shows important school dates, such as holidays, vacations, and non-student attendance days. A teacher may also enter assignments on the calendar for parents to see. Check with your child’s teacher to see if he or she is using this function.


Elementary: Daily attendance information is found on this page. More information about absences and late arrivals can be found by clicking on the date. Please note that in some cases there will be a delay as information is entered by the school.

Middle and High Schools: Period attendance is found on this page. More information about absences and late arrivals can be found by clicking on the date; please note that in some cases there will be a delay as information is entered by the school.

Note: Please contact the school with any questions regarding specific absences.

Class Schedule

Elementary: Class schedule shows the homeroom teacher and a link to email the teacher. Some schools will see additional teachers for students.

Middle and High Schools: The student’s current quarter class schedule is displayed, including links to email teachers.

Course History

Elementary: Course History is not currently available for elementary students.

Middle and High Schools: Course history lists all high school credit-bearing courses as well as any verified credit earned with the course.

Note: Course history is not an official transcript.

Course Request

Elementary: Course request is not available for elementary students.

Middle and High Schools: Course request lists courses requested by the student for the next year. This is not a guarantee of placement and is only available after the new school year is created.


Discipline provides limited information about any discipline incidents that involve the student. All confidential details, descriptions, victims, and other information are not visible. Parents see the date, type of incident, and disposition (example: inappropriate use of cell phone – parent notified).

Grade Book

Elementary: Grade Book is not available for elementary students.

Middle and High Schools: Grade Book displays the assignments and scores earned that have been created in the teacher’s grade book. Additional information about specific assignments can also be communicated.


Health does not display confidential conditions; it includes emergency medical actions as entered by the school nurse (example: peanut allergy – carries epi pen). Clicking on the immunizations link displays the student’s immunizations.

504/IEP Documents

Section 504 Plans  or IEP documents include a date-linked reference to the student’s Section 504 Plan or Individualized Education Program (IEP). For students with an IEP, a link to their progress report is also provided, if  applicable.

Report Card

Report Card provides the student’s marks for each grading period of the current school year. Elementary schools see the standards-based marks and middle and high school students see letter grades.

School Information

School Information displays the address and phone number for the school and lists all staff members and their email addresses.

Student Information

Student Information provides demographic data on file in the student information system.  All data should be reviewed for accuracy, such as emergency contacts and physician information.

  • As part of our ongoing effort to help schools with transitioning from paper to electronic forms, we are excited to announce that the following opt-outs are now available in SIS ParentVUE: 
    • Varsity Tutors Access
    • SEL Screener Participation
    • Transportation Intent
    • Accept FCPS Device
    • Home Internet Access
  • Any parent/guardian that is associated with a student, and has a SIS ParentVUE account, can update these opt-outs as needed by going to the “Student Info” tab and clicking “Edit Information”. The parent must have both Contact Allowed and Records Access Rights to see and update the information. 
  • Parents that do not have SIS ParentVUE accounts can continue to use paper forms or other notification methods.

Note: Editing these fields could impact student participation.

Test History

SOL Scores will display with detailed performance levels from SY2015-16.  Scores prior to that school year will show only Pass or Fail.  Use the following links to access additional information: Accessing and Understanding Test Results and Standards of Learning (SOL) Results.

FCPS Links

FCPS Links provides links to other FCPS resources, such as the FCPS main page, Schoology, school sites, etc.

My Account

The My Account tab displays your account details. Here, you can change your password, opt to Go Paperless and set up Auto Notification of gradebook progress reports for middle and high school students only.

  • Change Password
    You can update your account password on this tab. It will take 20 minutes for the password to update in other applications such as Schoology.
  • Go Paperless
    You can opt to "Go Paperless" for Secondary Report Cards and Elementary Progress Reports by clicking the checkbox just under your account details.
  • Auto-Notify Grade Book Weekly Progress Reports
    You can opt in to receive a weekly progress report for your secondary student(s).  This will go to the Primary Email listed in your parent record.  Elementary Schools do not use the Student Information System Grade Book and are not included in this report.

Note: The Primary Email address is the only field that can be updated in SIS ParentVUE. If your home address and phone numbers change, please contact your child's school.


"More Options" and When to contact your child's school

"More Options":

Activate Account (click on "More Options")
Use this link to start the process to activate your New SIS ParentVUE Account. Contact your child's school for the Activation Key.

Change My Username (click on "More Options")
There is a link on the SIS ParentVUE Account login page which allows users to change their username.

Forgot Password (click on "More Options")
There is a link on the SIS ParentVUE Account login page which allows users to reset their own password by clicking on Forgot Password.


When to contact your child's school:

Do Not Know My Username
You will need to contact your child’s school.

Grade Book - Can't see Information
Please contact the school during regular school hours; each teacher is responsible for the entry of items within the grade book.  You will only see the grade book for Middle School and High School students.  Grade Book is not available for Elementary students.

Have More Than One Child, but I Do Not See Information for All
You should contact the school of the child you are not able to see.

Some of the Information about My Child is Incorrect
Please contact your child’s school about any information that is incorrect.


Information Security
FCPS uses the latest technologies to secure information and protect all information under its control. You will be prompted to choose a secure password. Remember to keep your password and login information secure. You may change your password at any time.

For assistance with your account please visit our Parent Support Request page.