School Bus, Student, and Visitor Parking

Parking is limited at many FCPS facilities and buildings. Get familiar with the "Do's" and "Don'ts."

School Bus Parking

School Bus Parking is a serious concern for Fairfax County Public Schools. Inadequate parking facilities for buses, combined with the loss of past parking space, forces us to park school buses at many remote locations.

If you have a concern regarding the parking location for a particular school bus, please contact the Transportation Services supervisor for that site or the closest school.

Student Parking at Schools

Student parking is administered by each school or center. Please contact the school directly for more information.

Students may purchase parking permits at the school. Rates are set by the School Board. Age or other restrictions may apply. Students who choose to park on city or county streets do so at their own risk.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is administered by each school or center. Please contact the school directly for more information. There are usually a limited number of designated spaces for this purpose.

For after hours emergencies, call Safety and Security at 571-423-2000.