Justice High Capital Project

Information about the Addition

An addition is to be constructed at Justice High School project to accommodate increasing enrollment. The building has a program capacity utilization percentage of 110 percent in SY 2021-22, indicating a moderate capacity deficit. The completed project will provide approximately 47,000 SF and including a new science room, site improvements and parking. The project was funded by the 2017 and 2019 bonds.

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Key Build Information

Funding: 2017 Bond (Planning), 2019 Bond (Construction)
Future Building Area: 353,889 SF
Anticipated Future Capacity: 2,500
Building Area: 298,989 SF
Acreage: 20.94
Prior Renovation: 2005
Prior Capacity Enhancement: n/a
2008 Renovation Rank: n/a
Architect: Hughes Group Architects
Contractor:  Henley Construction Co., Inc.
Current Status: Under Construction
Estimated Completion: Spring 2025

School Information

Address: : 3301 Peace Valley Ln, Falls Church, VA 22044
FCPS Region: 2
Grades: 9-12
MS Feeder: Glasgow MS
ES Feeders: Bailey’s ES, Bailey’s Upper ES, Beech Tree ES, Belvedere ES, Glen Forest ES, Mason Crest ES, Parklawn ES, Sleepy Hollow ES
Opened: 1959
Programs: Adult HS (evening), HS International Baccalaureate, Intellectual Disabilities (School-based), Transition Support Resource Center

Past Engagement, Planning & Construction Information


May 20, 2024: Justice Pyramid Community Working Group

April 29, 2024: Justice Pyramid Community Working Group

March 18, 2024: Justice Pyramid Community Working Group

February 26, 2024: Justice Pyramid Community Working Group

January 22, 2024: Justice Pyramid Community Working Group


November 27, 2023: Justice Pyramid Community Working Group (Minutes) (Interim Report Draft)

October 30, 2023:  Justice Pyramid Community Working Group (Minutes)

September 18, 2023:  Justice Pyramid Community Working Group (Minutes)

August 28, 2023:  Justice Pyramid Community Working Group (Minutes)

June 5, 2023:  Justice Pyramid Community Working Group (Minutes)

May 1, 2023:  Justice Pyramid Community Working Group (Introduction and Welcome Meeting) (Meeting Packet)

March 7, 2023:  Community Meeting 

February 9, 2023:  School Board Meeting agenda item - Decision on construction contract.

January 12, 2023:   School Board Meeting agenda item - Information regarding construction contract.


Nov 3, 2022 School Board Meeting:  Decision on Peace Valley Lane Land Acquisition

Nov 3, 2022 School Board Public Hearing: Peace Valley Lane

July 20, 2022 Fairfax County Planning Commission: Decision Only

July 13, 2022 Fairfax County Planning Commission: Public Hearing

April 26, 2022 Fairfax County Land Use:  Meeting #2 

Information about addition and proposed parking option

School bond referendums from 2017 and 2019 funded planning and construction of a 46,000 square foot addition, including science labs at Justice High School. The necessary addition will alleviate the existing capacity concerns. Most recently the school was at 116% capacity and is expected to reach 121% and 126% in the next two years.  

The essential addition scheduled to be constructed on the school property will substantially reduce the number of parking spaces currently available. With the addition, FCPS will only be able to accommodate less than half the amount of parking currently required by Fairfax County.  

At the onset of this project, FCPS proposed a solution to work with the Fairfax County Park Authority to add additional parking spaces at Justice Park across the street from the school. The solution would have meant converting an area of park into parking spaces. The school division offered to make several enhancements to the park in exchange for the use of some of this space.

However, the proposed solution was not popular with the community who wanted to protect the entire area of green space. The school division was grateful for the feedback and promised to come back to the community with alternative options. FCPS will not use the park for parking spaces.

FCPS also values green open space in our community and has tried to balance the need for the addition to ensure a quality learning environment. FCPS does not want to impact or encroach on the Park Authority’s parkland.

As a result, Facilities staff have worked over the summer to come up with alternative solutions that do not use the park for parking spaces. These include the request for a Parking Modification (waiver) by the County Planning Commission to reduce the number of parking spaces required on the school site and working with the project architect to find ways to increase parking spaces through the design of the addition.

A virtual community webinar was held on October 12 to share updates on the addition at Justice High School.  An Executive Summary, a recording of the webinar, and a transcription of the Questions and Answers (Q&A) session will be posted to this webpage by Friday, October 15, 2021.


October 12, 2021 Community Meeting

May 6, 2021

March 10, 2021 PTSA Meeting #2

March 1, 2021 Design Development Review Meeting


December 8, 2020 - Community Meeting

October 27, 2020 - Land Use Meeting #1


12/9/2019 - PTSA meeting

October 7, 2019 Design Development Review Committee