Workshops on YouTube

Parent Resource Center Workshops on Youtube

Listed below are videos of workshops for parents and educators to support student success. 

Please email or call the Parent Resource Center for handouts and more information.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Necessary supports for students have a safe online space in which to learn healthy, and respectful technology use at home and school

Raising A Screen Smart Kid

Strategies for helping families navigate the digital frontier.  

Executive Functioning

Getting Past Procrastination

Tips to get students organized, focused and motivated.  

High School Success: A Strategic Transition from MS to HS

Learn successful executive functioning skills needed to have a successful transition from Middle School to High School.

Mental Health

Depression in Children and Teens

Signs and symptoms of depression in children and teens 

Supporting Anxious Children

The science and biological roots of anxiety in children and teens 

What is Restorative Justice?

The philosophy of restorative justice 

Why Won’t My Child Go to School

Symptoms and supports for students who refuse to go to school

Social-Emotional Health

Bullying & Harassment Prevention & Intervention

The definition of bullying as well as strategies to help prevent and support students

Calm Conversations with Teens

Ways to communicate, talk with and relate to your teen in a stress-free, healthy manner

From Chaos to Calm: 10 Ways to Stop Power Struggles

Strategies to restore calm in your home and stop power struggles.  

Helping Your Child Cope with Stress

Tips and strategies for helping families help children deal with anxiety and stress.

Knowing the Signs: Substance Abuse and Today's Youth

An inspiring struggle with addiction and journey to recovery

Parenting through Challenging Times

Hands-on exercises in mindfulness and balance. Demonstration of several techniques parents can use to bring calm to families' households.

Power Struggles

Help recognize power struggles, identify when they occur, and strategies to help avoid power struggles.

Raising Children with High Self-Esteem

Tools to help foster self-esteem in children.  

The Zones of Regulation at Home

Strategies families can use to help identify, manage and regulate emotions.  


Special Education/504 Plans

ADHD: Does Gender Matter?

Gender differences in ADHD and the important implications in diagnosis and treatment

Autism Safety Considerations

Strategies for caregivers to help keep people with Autism safe

Building Healthy Relationships

Navigating the social world is for students with disabilities 

Exploring Early Childhood Assistive Technology at Home

Strategies to help children that struggle with language expression 

Technology Tools to Support Students with Dyslexia and other Reading Difficulties

Tools and strategies for students who struggle with reading

Introduction to Special Education

An orientation for parents new to special education

Section 504: What Parents Need to Know

Introduction to Section 504 and it's implications in schools

Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Postsecondary Employment Ideas for Parents of Students with Disabilities

Employment ideas for students with disabilities 

Twice Exceptional Learners in FCPS

FCPS Services and resources available for Twice-Exceptional or 2e Learners