Policies and Regulations Impacting Partnerships

Business and Community Partnerships

Business and Community Partnerships ensures FCPS School Board Policies and Regulations are understood and followed.

The following Policies and Regulations are specifically germane to partnerships (other regulations may be applicable).

Policy or Regulation # and Title


P1375: Charity Drives

P1445:  Trust Policy

P1530: Volunteers 

P5011: Authority to Contract, Annual List of Designees

P8310: Site Planning and Development

P8542: Environmental Stewardship


R1320:  Guidelines for Restricting Interruptions to Instructional Time -- Middle and High Schools

R1367:  Distribution of Fliers or Other Informational Materials, Nonprofit Organizations’ Access, and Procedures for Contests and Competitions

R1370: Fund-Raising

R1461: Religion

R2412: Full-Day Schedule Requirement for Students

R2440: Awarding Credit in Certain Career and Technical Cooperative Education Programs

R2701: Student Personal Data

R3008: Instructional Technology Identification, Evaluation, and Approval

R3200: Service Learning, General Community Service, Including Faith-Based, Civic, or Political Service

R3836: Contests and Competitions

R4004: Field-Experience Students, Practicum Students, Student Teachers, and Interns

R4119: Background Checks - Volunteers and Mentors

R4427: Non-school Employment

R4444: Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse

R4705: Tutoring for Pay

R4811: Job Related Absences

R4950: Sexual Harassment by Employees

R5002: Free and Reduced Price Meals

R5012: Purchasing Goods and Services Using Appropriated and Non-appropriated Funds

R5740: Student Accident Insurance Claims Procedures

R5750: Volunteer Worker Medical Costs Coverage

R5790: Field Trips – Planning, Financing and Conducting

R5810: School Activity Funds Management

R5817: Guidelines for Memorial, Commemorative, Scholarship, and Special Purpose Funds

R5961: Donations to Schools

R5970: Grants

R6410: Appropriate Use of Fairfax County Public Schools' Network and Internet Resources

R7004: Management of Fairfax County Public Schools External Communications

R7005: Management of Fairfax County Public Schools’ Internet Presence

R8170: Procedures for Naming School Facilities and Dedicating Areas of School Facilities or Grounds

R8270: Capital Outlay and Facilities Improvements

R8420: Community Use of School Facilities

R8534: Energy Conservation Measures

R8615: School Safety Manual

R8628: Chemicals and Chemical Products for Instruction and Building Operations