Region 1

Region 1 serves the schools of the Herndon, Langley, Madison, Oakton, and South Lakes Pyramids.

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Proposed Boundary Adjustment - Vienna Elementary School

Community meetings on a proposed boundary adjustment for Vienna Elementary School are scheduled in March and April. 

About Region 1

The focus of the Region office is to ensure educational excellence, equality, and student achievement in a safe learning environment. Across Region 1, we've put an emphasis on our students

  • achieving academic goals,
  • learning essential life skills, and
  • taking responsibility in the community.

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Pyramid Organization

Region 1 is organized into five geographically-based pyramids. At the top of each pyramid is one high school, followed by several middle schools and then many elementary schools. Each layer of the pyramid feeds into the one above.

In Region 1, the high schools at the top of the pyramids are Herndon, Langley, Madison, Oakton, and South Lakes. The Region 1 Pyramid Map shows which middle schools and elementary schools feed into each high school.

What's Happening in Region 1?

Role of Regional Assistant Superintendent

The Regional Assistant Superintendent provides leadership, direction, and accountability for principals by monitoring school effectiveness through testing data, staff and parent surveys, and feedback from the school community.

Promoting collaboration among schools, parents, and the School Board is an important role and, oftentimes, the Regional Assistant Superintendent will be involved in the resolution of difficult issues.

The Regional Assistant Superintendent is also responsible for evaluating principals and conducting searches for new principals, as well as developing and promoting positive, capable, and diverse school leaders.

How to Resolve a Concern

Role of Executive Principal

The executive principal supports the region by providing principals with guidance and coaching and also works closely with assistant principals in the region by facilitating professional development throughout the school year.

John Banbury

Executive Principal, Region 1
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Nardos King

Executive Principal, Region 1
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