Changing Payroll Information

Updating payroll information online.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the fastest, most convenient and most secure way to receive your pay. All employees are required to have direct deposit of net pay as a condition of employment.

You may sign up or change your direct deposit information by completing a new Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement.   You can find this form on the FCPS Employee Hub on the Payroll Forms page or from the Office of Payroll Management Employee Hub home page.  If you cannot locate the form on the Employee Hub, you can request one by emailing [email protected].  We will gladly send a direct deposit form to your FCPS email address.   Please submit the original to the Office of Payroll Management.  Changes received may take a pay cycle or two to be effective.  If you are making a change because you are closing an old account, it is recommended that you wait until the first deposit has been made to the new account or financial institution prior to closing the old account.

Name Change

If you have legally changed your name you should also officially change it with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to ensure that future wages and tax withholdings are correctly credited to your account.  To officially update your name with FCPS please complete a Name and SSN Change (form FS73-02) and submit it to the Office of Payroll Management.  Please include either a copy of your new Social Security card or receipt from the SSA to help ensure that FCPS’ records will exactly match the SSA’s records.

Address Change

In the past, FCPS maintained two addresses for employees. The “home” or primary/resident address represented your legal residence and is used to determine the appropriate jurisdiction for tax withholding.  The “supplemental” was used for mailing official communications such as pay advices and benefits open-enrollment information.  For most employees, the same address is used for both.  However, beginning May 2, 2017, FCPS will use only one address, the “home” address for both taxation determination and mailings.

To change your address, you may do so on-line via UConnect on the web.  After logging on, select the Employee Self Service Tab at the top of the page, then choose “Personal Information” and then choose “Home Address”.  Please make your changes there and click “update”.

Address change - former employee

Please contact Payroll Management at 571-423-3500 or email [email protected] for assistance changing your address.

Federal and State Income Tax Withholding Changes

Federal and State Income tax withholding changes are made on line in UConnect.  From the Employee Self Service menu select the “Pay” topic, then select “Tax Withholding”.   These changes will be applied with the next in-cycle payroll process. *If you are indicating that you are exempt from income tax withholding, please fill out the W4 form (available in the Forms cabinet) and submit as noted below.  The IRS and State taxation departments request that all forms indicating “exempt” come to the Payroll office for review.

Fairfax County Public Schools withholds appropriate taxes for employees who live in West Virginia, DC, and Maryland (state and local taxes) as well as for those who reside in Virginia.   Forms for the four states for which we withhold are available in the FCPS forms cabinet or in UConnect.  Military spouses can claim exempt from state taxes by printing and completing a new state withholding form indicating “exempt” and send the form along with a copy of your military dependent ID card to the address as noted below:

Send forms to: Gatehouse Administration Center (GAC), Payroll Management, Ste 2200.  You must send the original; faxes or email copies are not acceptable.

Please see current versions of R5610, Pay of Personnel; R4210, Employee Name and Address Changes.


D-4 DC Withholding Allowance Certificate

D-4A Certifi cate of Nonresidence in the District of Columbia

MW507 Employee’s Maryland Withholding Exemption Certificate

MW507M Exemption from Maryland Withholding Tax for a Qualified Civilian Spouse of a U.S. Armed Forces Service member

VA-4 Employee's Virginia Income Tax Withholding Exemption Certificate

WV/IT-104 West Virginia Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate

W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

Payroll Form