Advanced Academic Level IV School Assignments

Advanced Academic Level IV Center Placements by School

Base schools marked with an asterisk (*) have Local Level IV available.

Local Level IV and Level IV Center classes use the same full-time curriculum in the four core academic subject areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies. The teachers have the same professional development.

The difference is in the grouping practices. All students in Level IV Center classes have been found eligible through the central selection process, while Local Level IV classes may also include school-designated students for some or all four subject areas.

To discuss implementation models at your base school versus center school, please contact the Advanced Academic Resource Teacher (AART) at the applicable school. Each elementary school in FCPS has an AART.

2021-22 School Assignments

Local School Elementary School Center Middle School Center
Aldrin* Forest Edge Hughes
Annandale Terrace* Canterbury Woods Frost
Armstrong* Forest Edge Hughes
Bailey's (K-2) Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
Bailey's Upper (3-5) Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
Beech Tree* Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
Belle View* Stratford Landing Sandburg
Belvedere Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
Bonnie Brae* White Oaks Lake Braddock
Braddock* Canterbury Woods Frost
Bren Mar Park Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
Brookfield* Poplar Tree Rocky Run
Bucknell* Stratford Landing Sandburg
Bull Run Bull Run Rocky Run
Bush Hill Bush Hill Twain
Camelot* Mantua Jackson
Cameron* Bush Hill Twain
Canterbury Woods Canterbury Woods Frost
Cardinal Forest* Keene Mill Lake Braddock
Centre Ridge* Bull Run Rocky Run
Centreville* Willow Springs Rocky Run
Cherry Run Sangster Lake Braddock
Chesterbrook* Haycock Longfellow
Churchill Road Churchill Road Cooper
Clearview Clearview Hughes
Clermont* Bush Hill Twain
Coates* McNair Upper Carson
Columbia* Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
Colvin Run Colvin Run Cooper
Crestwood* Springfield Estates Twain
Crossfield* Navy Carson 
Cub Run* Poplar Tree Rocky Run
Cunningham Park* Louise Archer Jackson
Daniels Run* Mosaic Katherine Johnson
Deer Park* Bull Run Rocky Run
Dogwood Sunrise Valley Hughes
Dranesville* Clearview Hughes
Eagle View* Willow Springs Katherine Johnson
Fairfax Villa* Canterbury Woods
Willow Springs
Fairhill* Mantua Jackson
Fairview* White Oaks Lake Braddock
Flint Hill* Sunrise Valley
Louise Archer
Floris* McNair Upper Carson
Forest Edge Forest Edge Hughes
Forestdale Springfield Estates Twain
Forestville* Forest Edge Cooper
Fort Belvoir (K-3) Riverside Sandburg
Fort Belvoir (4-6) Riverside Sandburg
Fort Hunt Stratford Landing Sandburg
Fox Mill* Oak Hill Carson
Franconia Bush Hill Twain
Franklin Sherman* Haycock Longfellow
Freedom Hill* Westbriar Kilmer
Garfield Springfield Estates Twain
Glen Forest* Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
Graham Road* Mantua Jackson
Great Falls* Colvin Run Cooper
Greenbriar East* Greenbriar West Katherine Johnson
Rocky Run
Greenbriar West Greenbriar West Rocky Run
Groveton* Stratford Landing Sandburg
Gunston* Lorton Station South County
Lake Braddock
Halley* Lorton Station South County
Haycock Haycock Longfellow
Hayfield Springfield Estates Twain
Herndon Clearview Hughes
Hollin Meadows* Stratford Landing Sandburg
Hunt Valley Sangster Lake Braddock
Hunters Woods Hunters Woods Hughes
Hutchison Clearview Hughes
Hybla Valley Stratford Landing Sandburg
Island Creek Springfield Estates Twain
Keene Mill Keene Mill Lake Braddock
Kent Gardens* Churchill Road Longfellow
Kings Glen (4-6) Keene Mill Lake Braddock
Kings Park (K-3) Keene Mill Lake Braddock
Lake Anne Forest Edge Hughes
Lane* Springfield Estates Twain
Laurel Hill* Lorton Station South County
Laurel Ridge White Oaks Lake Braddock
Lees Corner* Oak Hill Carson
Lemon Road Lemon Road Longfellow
Little Run* Canterbury Woods Frost  
Lake Braddock
London Towne Bull Run Rocky Run
Lorton Station Lorton Station Lake Braddock
Louise Archer Louise Archer Jackson
Lynbrook Springfield Estates Twain
Mantua Mantua Frost
Marshall Road* Mosaic Jackson
Mason Crest* Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
McNair (K-2 and Upper) McNair Upper Carson
Mosaic Mosaic Jackson
Mount Eagle Bush Hill Twain
Mount Vernon Woods* Riverside Sandburg
Navy Navy Carson
Newington Forest* Lorton Station South County
North Springfield* Canterbury Woods Frost
Oak Hill Oak Hill Carson
Oak View* Willow Springs Frost (Woodson)
Lake Braddock
Oakton* Sunrise Valley Jackson
Olde Creek Canterbury Woods Frost
Lake Braddock
Orange Hunt Sangster Lake Braddock
Parklawn* Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
Pine Spring* Mantua Jackson
Poplar Tree Poplar Tree Rocky Run
Powell* Greenbriar West Katherine Johnson
Rocky Run
Providence* Mosaic Katherine Johnson
Ravensworth Keene Mill Lake Braddock
Riverside Riverside Sandburg
Rolling Valley Keene Mill Lake Braddock
Rose Hill Bush Hill Twain
Sangster Sangster Lake Braddock
Saratoga Lorton Station Lake Braddock
Shrevewood* Lemon Road Kilmer
Silverbrook* Lorton Station South County
Sleepy Hollow* Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
Spring Hill* Churchill Road Cooper
Springfield Estates Springfield Estates Twain
Stenwood* Westbriar Kilmer
Stratford Landing Stratford Landing Sandburg
Sunrise Valley Sunrise Valley Hughes
Terra Centre* White Oaks Lake Braddock
Terraset* Sunrise Valley Hughes
Timber Lane* Mantua
Union Mill Willow Springs Rocky Run
Vienna Louise Archer Jackson 
Virginia Run Bull Run Rocky Run
Wakefield Forest* Canterbury Woods Frost
Waples Mill Hunters Woods Carson
Washington Mill* Riverside Sandburg
Waynewood* Stratford Landing Sandburg
West Springfield Keene Mill Lake Braddock
Westbriar Westbriar Kilmer
Westgate* Lemon Road Kilmer
Westlawn* Mantua Jackson
Weyanoke* Belvedere Glasgow (6-8)
White Oaks White Oaks Lake Braddock
Willow Springs Willow Springs Katherine Johnson
Wolftrap* Louise Archer Kilmer
Woodburn* Mantua Jackson
Woodlawn Riverside Sandburg
Woodley Hills* Riverside Sandburg