Sibling at Requested School - Student Transfer Application

A step-by-step tutorial for filling out the online student transfer application

Before starting the application, make sure you have done the following:

All Applications

  • The enrolling parent needs to create a Student Information System (SIS) Parent Account.  Please contact the enrolled school for an activation key. 
  • Students new to FCPS must be enrolled at a base school before starting the student transfer application process. 

Sibling at Requested School Applications

  • The sibling(s) must be living in the same household for student transfer consideration. 
  • Sibling relationship will be verified in the Student Information System.
  • Parents will receive a guidance message if a school is closed to student transfers or if a sibling is not enrolled in a non-base school.

Questions? Contact: [email protected]

Let’s Get Started!

  • Access the online student transfer application.

  • Type  in your username and password that corresponds to the enrolling parent Student Information (SIS) Account. 


  • If your child appears under the enrolling parent (green) bar, select “Start a transfer request.” 
    enrolling parent

    • Select “Renew Request” instead of “Start a transfer request” if you are requesting a renewal of a student transfer and your student continues to meet the same student transfer criteria as indicated in the original student transfer application.
    • If your child appears under the viewing parent (burgundy) tab then you may not proceed with application submission.  The enrolling parent needs to submit the application on behalf of the family. 
      viewing parent
  • Select “Sibling at another school” as the reason for transfer request. (Also, make sure the correct school year has been selected.)

    transfer sibling

  • The online application will identify sibling attending a non-base school. Select sibling.

    sibling select

  • Check the four boxes at the bottom to agree to the Letter of Understanding. 

    Letter of Understand

  • Review the application for accuracy and select "Pay Online Now" to pay the non-refundable application processing fee.

    Pay Now

  • You will be directed to MySchoolBucks where you can create an account, use a current account or continue as a guest.


  • Review the application and select “Submit.” 

The enrolling parent will receive an email confirming the transfer application submission.

Please allow 2-3 weeks to process the request. The enrolling parent will receive a decision email when the process is completed.