Student Voice

A platform for student expression

In your own voice and choice of media, tell us your unique and compelling thoughts. Selected stories will appear on the FCPS Student Voice webpage and possibly other digital or broadcast platforms.


COVID-19 Vaccines - Deadline June 1

COVID-19 vaccines will soon be available for people ages 12 and up. Tell us why you got vaccinated, or why you WANT to be vaccinated. Why is it important to you and your family? What would you say to encourage other students to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Create a social media post and add the hashtag #FCPSAskMeWhy and #FCPSStudentVoice.


Student Mental Health and Wellness - Open Deadline

How will you unplug from the digital world after virtual classes? What ways have you found to get moving and stay focused without being in a classroom? How are you staying connected with your friends when you don't see them in school every day? 


Submission Details

Keep It Simple

  • Submit complete work
  • Be truthful
  • Avoid profanity 
  • Have rights to music or audio used
  • Only include your first name 
  • Check that individuals have not opted out for public use 
  • Verify facts 
  • Be yourself 
  • Submissions must comply with FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R)

Type of Media Accepted

Images of icons for microphone, camera, pen, video camera

How to Submit Your Media

  • Create your media and ask a teacher to review. Shoot videos in horizontal/landscape view.
  • Upload to your Google Drive account.
  • Share your folder with us: [email protected]


You will be notified if your story has been selected to appear on the FCPS Student Voice website and possibly other digital or broadcast platforms.


All FCPS K-12 students are eligible to submit media unless your parents/guardians have completed an opt-out form.

How to Tell a Great Story

5 Storytelling Tips

We'd Love to Hear From You

Please email your questions or suggestions for future themes to [email protected].

It's so awesome that FCPS is giving students writers, artists, and filmmakers a platform for their work and opinions to be recognized.
-Zandy, Hayfield Secondary School
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