Scholastic Records (Secondary Grading and Reporting)

Information about class rank, grade point average, and transcripts. Steps to request change to academic record are included.

Each student in grades 9 through 12 shall be issued an unofficial transcript annually showing the courses they have completed, any courses in progress, and progress towards meeting graduation requirements.

Determination of Grade Point Average and Class Rank

The current version of Regulation 2462, Grade Point Average and Class Rank establishes procedures for determining a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) in high school and clarifies class rank. 

The weighting of courses as it applies to students currently enrolled at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology may differ from the guidelines referenced above.

Middle schools do not calculate grade point averages. However, if a high school credit course is taken by a middle school student, the high school credit course and grade will be factored into the high school grade point average. 

Virginia state and FCPS regulations permit parents/guardians of a middle school student who has completed a high school credit course to have that course expunged from the student’s record.  The course will not be included in a student’s GPA calculation.  See current version of Regulation 2408, Earning High School Credits.  More information can also be found in the Taking High School Courses in Middle School section.

Summer Programs, FCPS or Prior Approved 

All grades earned through summer programs are included in the student’s record and are used when computing the grade point average.  See current version of Regulation 2408, Earning High School Credits for procedures for earning standard credit during the summer.

Changes/Corrections to Student Scholastic Record

Grade Verification and Corrections

  1. At the end of each grading period teachers review and verify marks, submitting corrections to the Student Information Assistant (SIA).
  2. In the event the teacher is unavailable, the principal or designee, together with a staff member as appropriate (department chair, lead teacher, etc.) reviews and verifies marks and submits corrections to the Student Information Assistant (SIA).

Requests to Change Quarter/Final Marks

  1. Parents/guardians or students who believe that an assigned mark is incorrect shall first contact the teacher and indicate the reasons for the requested change.
  2. If the teacher agrees that a change is warranted, a Marks Change form is submitted to the SIA and is signed by the teacher and the principal or designee. 
  3. Once the teacher affirms the grade, an appeal of the teacher’s decision requires a conference with an administrator. 
  4. If the teacher disagrees with an administrator’s decision to change a mark, the teacher should meet with the principal to discuss the reasons for the decision.
  5. Any further appeal by a parent/guardian or independent student must be submitted in writing to the principal who is the final determiner.
  6. Every effort should be made to address the request to change a mark with the teacher. In the event the teacher is unavailable, the principal or designee, in consultation with a department chair, lead teacher, as appropriate, reviews the request and, if a change is warranted, submits a Marks Change form to the SIA.
  7. The principal may either decline or approve a mark change in accordance with the current version of Regulation 2430, High School Teacher’s Guide: Grading and Reporting to Parents.
  8. Marks changes should be processed within ten school days of a change authorization and should be confirmed with the parent/guardian and teacher by telephone or in writing. 
  9. No staff member who is related to a student may approve or make a change in that student’s academic cumulative record and should defer his or her role to the principal.  In the case where the principal is related, the principal should defer to the region assistant superintendent.