Taking High School Courses in Middle School (Secondary Grading and Reporting)

Information about the impact of taking high school courses in middle school on a student’s academic record. Includes information on expunging grades and grades earned during summer session.

High school credit courses taken in grades 7 and 8 become part of the student’s high school transcript and are included in the calculation of the high school Grade Point Average (GPA) and weighted as such.
ELD courses in middle school are high school credit courses as per Regulation 2442, Credit for Secondary Students with a Home Language Other than English. 

Courses for high school credit taken by middle school students during summer school are included in the calculation of grade point average. See current version of Regulation 2408, Earning High School Credits for procedures for earning standard credit during the summer.

Virginia state and FCPS regulations permit parents/guardians of a middle school student who has completed a high school credit course to have that course expunged from the student’s record.  Middle schools need to ensure that parents/guardians are aware of this option.  

The request to remove a course from the transcript must be made in writing to the middle or high school that the student will attend the following year and prior to the end of the first nine weeks of the school year. See Request to Expunge High School Courses Taken in Middle School, Form IS-104

Courses taken in the summer session following student promotion from the eighth grade are ineligible for removal from the high school transcript.   

Once deleted, the course cannot be reinstated.