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Positively impacting the academic and social-emotional development of all students through the provision of mental health services that build resiliency, life competencies, and good citizenship.

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How We Help Students

Our commitment to the division-level values outlined in FCPS’ Strategic Plan Ignite (Student Success, Caring Culture, Premier Workforce, Resource Stewardship) and Portrait of a Graduate drives our work with students, staff, and families. Youth Mental Health Survey Data reveal that FCPS students feel supported, engaged, and safe in school at higher rates than regional and state averages. 

School Psychologists:

  • Lead students and staff members in a variety of initiatives and projects to address academic, mental health, and behavioral needs of our students. 
    • Club sponsorship/involvement
    • Mental health and wellness activities 
    • Mentoring 
    • Wellness screenings
    • Student Ambassador Programs
  • Gather and analyze data to improve decision-making at the school-wide, classroom, and individual student levels.
  • Interact with students daily, both individually and in small groups, to develop academic, social, and life skills.
  • Are members of Crisis Teams, which intervene as necessary when schools are impacted by a traumatic event. 

Our Service Delivery Model

  • Counseling: Psychologists implement evidenced-based techniques and curricula to foster social skills, address mental health concerns, and enhance self regulation skills.
  • Assessment: Psychologists explore students' strengths and areas of need to aid school teams in identifying educational needs and generating interventions. This may take the form of:
    • Individualized classroom interventions
    • Psychological evaluation, utilizing assessment tools reviewed for reliability & validity and approved by a multidisciplinary committee, in order to assist in determining special education or Section 504 eligibility. 
    • Functional Behavior Analysis & Behavior Intervention Plan
    • Suicide Risk Assessment
    • Threat Assessment
  • Consultation: Psychologists collaborate with families, teachers, counselors, administrators, community agencies, private providers, and others to develop a well-rounded understanding of and approach to the student's social, emotional, and academic needs.

How We Help Families

Family-School Collaboration Services

School Psychologists work directly with families to answer questions, develop interventions, connect them with resources, and help them navigate educational and community systems.  

  • Workshops: School Psychologists offer workshops to parents on a variety of topics including: Executive Function, Stress and Anxiety Management, Youth Mental Health First Aid training. 
  • Presentations: at PTA and PTSO meetings on a variety of topics related to mental health, student wellness, academic achievement, and social-emotional development. 
  • Consult with outside providers to facilitate information sharing and intervention planning for mental health service delivery across settings.
  • Return to Learn: School Psychologists, in addition to social workers and counselors, support families and students as they reintegrate after extended absences using Return to Learn
  • Early Childhood Identification & Services: School Psychologists provide phone consultations and conduct developmental screenings for families of children between the ages of 2 and 5. 
  • Summer Parent Clinic: School Psychologists consulted with a number of families to answer questions and provide resources during summer months.
  • Military Connected Youth: School Psychologists, in addition to social workers and counselors, support families and students new to FCPS. 

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How We Help Schools

School-Wide Practices to Promote Learning

School psychologists collaborate with school teams to develop and oversee universal  preventative practices. We collaborate with school teams to foster social-emotional skills and teach resiliency in order to reduce barriers to learning  and promote student success.

  • Mental Wellness Screenings: Screenings conducted at the secondary level to identify students who may require additional supports
  • Kognito: take this free training on suicide prevention
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid: Training provided to staff and students to help identify those that may need help and where to direct them.

School psychologists lead specialized teams with expertise in Behavior, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Executive Functioning, Trauma, Mental Wellness & Resiliency, and Crisis Intervention.

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