Cooperative Procurement Programs

Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA)

The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies' (AEPA) mission is to cooperatively serve its agency memberships through a continuous effort to explore and solve present and future purchasing needs. AEPA’s goals include working on behalf of its agencies to secure multi-state volume purchasing contracts that have benefits that are measurable, cost-effective and continuously exceed AEPA’s membership expectations.

Fairfax County Public Schools is one of 26 member agencies from around the country in AEPA. Through AEPA, Fairfax County Public Schools is able to offer competitive contracts and vendors.

AEPA’s goals are:

  • Leverage the purchase power to benefit all schools regardless of size, with the ability to purchase at equal buying levels.
  • Combine the potential needs of all schools to create an incentive to vendors to offer the best price and the highest quality product in the country.
  • Streamline the bidding and purchasing process through a locally and nationally recognized legal purchasing solicitation (thus saving districts the time and money of having to do so themselves).

AEPA contracts are pre-bid to enable districts to leverage buying power for better pricing and time savings. Many Virginia school districts can use cooperative purchasing vehicles such as AEPA to achieve their purchasing objectives without the need for further bidding. Each entrusted district should review its own purchasing policies to ensure compliance prior to purchasing through the AEPA cooperative purchasing method.  AEPA is also available to local governments and institutions for higher education.

If you have any questions about AEPA, please contact Michelle Pratt at 571-423-3571.

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View AEPA contracts:

Contract Title Contractor Contract
Athletic Facility Lighting TECHLINE SPORTS LIGHTING LLC 4400007503
Athletic Surface Synthetic Turf FIELDTURF USA INC 4400006577
Athletic Surface Synthetic Turf HELLAS CONSTRUCTION INC  4400006615
Athletic Surface Synthetic Turf Pro Grass, LLC 4400006578
Athletic Surface Synthetic Turf SHAW CONTRACT FLOORING SERVICES INC 4400006579
Athletic Surface Synthetic Turf THE MOTZ GROUP LLC 4400006589
Athletic Surface-Tracks&Courts FIELDTURF USA INC 4400006593
Athletic Surface-Tracks&Courts HELLAS CONSTRUCTION INC 4400006590
Athletic Surface-Tracks&Courts Sport Surfaces Distributing Inc  4400006631
Custodial Supply & Equipment NILFISK ADVANCE INC 4400005783
Custodial Supply & Equipment QUILL CORP 4400005878
Digital MFD/Copiers PrinterSvs KYOCERA MITA AMERICA 4400007502
Digital MFD/Copiers PrinterSvs MINOLTA CORPORATION  4400007478
Digital Resources MACKIN BOOK COMPANY 4400006548
Digital Resources TEACHINGBOOKS NET LLC 4400006549
Digital Resources THE LIBRARY CORPORATION 4400006550
Facility Managment Software DUDE SOLUTIONS INC 4400006575
Furniture INTERIOR SYSTEMS INC 4400004791
Furniture SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC 4400004741
Hardwood & Synthetic Flooring Sport Surfaces Distributing Inc 4400007505
Instructional & School Supplie  SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC  4400005742
Instructional & School Supplie  QUILL CORP  4400005773
Interactive Classroom/Meeting TROXELL COMMUNICATIONS INC 4400004850
Live Scan Finger Palm Print  CREATIVE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INC  4400005596
Office Supplies QUILL CORP 4400005895
Roofing and Building Envelope  PROGRESSIVE SERVICES INC 4400007506
Roofing and Building Envelope  WEATHERPROOFING TECHNOLOGIES INC 4400007480
Scoreboards & Marquee Signa  DAKTRONICS INC  4400006618
Sports Equipment & Supplies  SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC  4400004753
Technology Catalog  CDW GOVERNMENT LLC 4400004635
Technology Catalog  MNJ TECHNOLOGIES DIRECT INC 4400004849
Walk-through Metal Detectors  CEIA USA LTD 4400005880