The FCPS Brand

Our Brand Matters

Downloadable brand assets and graphics are available on the FCPS Employee Hub.

From the time we wake up until we go to bed, numerous brand experiences touch us throughout our day. Unconsciously, we become attached and develop strong allegiances to many brands, from our phone choice, to the car we drive, even to the restaurants in which we dine. The higher the value we place on the purchase, the more important our brand decision becomes. And education is no exception, as families now have more options than ever.

Like our Strategic Plan 2023-30, which provides a framework for our vision, mission, and principles, our FCPS brand framework forms how we communicate FCPS’ value and benefits to all stakeholders. Our brand mark (or logo), together with selected fonts, colors, and imagery combine to form our visual identity.

Graphic showing our message and marketing ties back to the brand

This well-crafted identity, along with our messaging, drives all marketing communications and advertising. It is the public face of our brand, conveying our attributes, distinctive personality, and promise of quality.

Attracting and retaining exceptional teachers and staff is critical to fulfilling our promise to transform children through the power of education. And, transforming stakeholders into passionate and engaged supporters becomes easier, too, when their perception of who we are and what we stand for aligns with ours.

We are confident that upholding FCPS’ brand standards will not only solidify our reputation for excellence, it will also preserve our ability to engage, inspire, and thrive.

Graphic of FCPS tagline: Engage, Inspire, Thrive