Student Transfer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Information about the application process and types of transfer requests

This information is derived from FCPS School Board Regulation 2230. Please consult the regulation for complete information.

I have three children enrolled in FCPS, but why are only two are showing up in my Student Information System (SIS) parent account?

Please contact the enrolled school registrar to review your children’s enrollment information and make any revisions that might be necessary.

May I request a student transfer for my child to attend a non-base school for an extracurricular activity, an elective course, the advanced academic center, a magnet program, or language immersion program?

No. The reason for the transfer must meet one of the criteria outlined in Regulation 2230. For program information visit the following on FCPS websites:

My base school is closed to student transfers. Can I request a transfer to an open school? 

Yes, if the reason for the transfer meets one of the criteria outlined in Regulation 2230.

My child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP). May I request transfer in order to get services at another school?

Student transfer requests must meet one of the requirements in Regulation 2230 for consideration. Placement decisions based on special education program needs are determined by the IEP team.

I am trying to make a request for childcare, but the application won’t go through. Why might this be happening?

Most likely, the school closest to the address of your child care provider  is closed to student transfers or is at grade level capacity. A school that is closed or at grade level capacity will not appear as an available transfer option. The online application will automatically determine the next closest school open to student transfers. Also, you must enter a minimum of two documented attempts to secure child care within your base school boundary in order to proceed with submitting the application.

If one of my children is assigned to another school through an advanced academic center or IEP placement, can my other children attend the same school?

If the school capacity and grade-level capacity at the requested school will permit, as determined solely by FCPS, a parent or guardian may submit an online student transfer application for a student to attend school with a sibling(s). The sibling(s) must be living in the same household for student transfer consideration.

I would like to make a transfer request for my child to attend the same school as one of their siblings, but the application is telling me that there is no sibling meeting this criteria. What do I do?

You must have a child enrolled at a non-base school in order to submit a sibling transfer request.  Please contact the school’s registrar/student information assistant to confirm the sibling’s enrollment. If the school is closed to student transfers, the school will not appear as an option to select.

Is there assistance for families that do not qualify for free and reduced-price meals, but are currently experiencing financial hardships?

For students and families who are undergoing an economic hardship and are financially unable to pay the stated student fees, assistance is available as noted in the current version of Regulation 2135, Assistance to Students. Parents and guardians should contact the student's enrolled school to be considered for a student transfer fee waiver prior to submitting the online student transfer request.

I made the request for a student transfer in the fall, but now I have changed my mind. Do I get my money back if my child stays in their base school?

No, the application processing fee is non-refundable. However, you may choose to enroll your child at your base school at any time.

Can an approved student transfer be revoked?

Yes, students must maintain appropriate behavior, attend school regularly, and demonstrate academic progress.  In addition, the reason for the transfer must continue to exist.  

If the student fails to maintain the conditions of the transfer or for those students who violate school rules, including Student Rights and Responsibilities, the principal may revoke approval. In such an event, the principal will then notify the parent, the base school principal, Region Assistant Superintendent and the FCPS student transfer specialist; and the student will be returned to his or her base school unless student disciplinary proceedings result in a different assignment or sanction.