Long-Term Disability

Eligibility Requirements and Accessing Your Disability Benefits

Long-Term Disability

If employees are receiving payment from the short-term disability (STD) program and the claim is approaching the end of the five-month STD period, Sedgwick will automatically transition the short-term disability claim to the long-term disability (LTD) program to determine if they are eligible to collect additional benefits.


All benefits-eligible employees are automatically enrolled in the LTD program on the first of the month after completing 12 calendar months of service from the date of employment or re-employment.

Premium Cost

Employees pay for the LTD program through post tax deductions. Premiums are deducted from an employee's earnings each pay period. The amount deducted can be viewed in UConnect or on your most recent Pay Advice. The cost that you pay for your Long-Term Disability benefits is 0.316/100, based upon your salary.

Long-Term Disability Benefits

The program pays 66 2/3% of pay if employees continue to be disabled after 180 days (5 months), which coincides with the end of STD payments. While employees are receiving LTD benefits, they are not required to pay the cost for LTD. The deduction automatically begins again once an employee returns to work.

Employees may continue to participate in the health insurance, dental insurance, and other optional benefit programs if the plans allow such participation. Employees must pay the premium cost for these benefits.

The Program Administrator

Long-Term Disability Claims
P.O. Box 14590
Lexington, KY 40512
Phone: 1-888-444-1406 (To report a claim)
Fax: 1-800-230-9531


For questions or assistance with your long-term disability claim, please contact the Disability and Leaves team in the Office of Benefit Services via FCPS StaffConnect (Choose “Leaves and disability benefits question” from the dropdown list) or by calling 571-423-3200, option 2.

For More Information

Refer to Regulation 4760.