Office of Chief of Staff

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The Office of Chief of Staff is responsible for the strategic management and operation of the Superintendent's Office

The office oversees the following areas:

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining serves as a liaison between employees and the school district, facilitating the process to establish fair and equitable employment terms, such as salaries, benefits, working conditions, and professional development opportunities. Collective bargaining helps maintain a harmonious and productive educational environment, ensuring that the interests of both staff and the school division are considered, ultimately contributing to the overall quality of education provided to students.

Office of Government Relations

Government Relations serves as a liaison between FCPS and state and national policymakers, including the Virginia General Assembly and the Virginia State Board of Education, in order to achieve the legislative goals of the School Board and promote the positive leadership of the school division regarding education policy and financing.

Department of Human Resources

Human Resources plays a crucial role in managing a variety of employee-related matters. The department is dedicated to recruiting, developing, recognizing, and retaining outstanding employees in order to build a world-class workforce dedicated to educational excellence. 

Department of Strategy, Planning and Learning 

Strategy, Planning and Learning is responsible for strategy and planning, divisionwide professional learning, research and strategic improvement, and portfolio management.