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The Office of the Chief of Schools provides direct supervision to the six region offices and the following areas: 

Office of Nontraditional School Programs

The Office of Nontraditional School Programs provides instructional leadership, curriculum development, and support for nontraditional schools and programs that serve students with special needs and life challenges in grades K-12. These specialized programs support the implementation of the strategic goals directed by the FCPS School Board as they relate to students in varying degrees of academic and social-emotional distress. Specifically, the nontraditional programs foster academic progress, essential life skills, and citizenship through individual student plans targeting specific academic and behavioral improvements, social supports, and emotional guidance for students facing significant life challenges and adversities.

Department of School Improvement and Supports

The Department of School Improvement and Supports (DSIS) provides supports to schools through a region-based approach for the purpose of increasing student achievement, access, and opportunities for all children. The department works to build capacity in schools with a focus on best practices in instruction, attendance, and on-time graduation.

Office of Student Activities and Athletics

Student Activities and Athletics is an integral part of the total school educational program. Fairfax County Public Schools stresses the importance of providing a well-balanced activities and athletics program to augment the learning in the classroom. The office provides an activities program for all levels, and athletics for middle and high school students.

Thomas Jefferson High School

Established in 1985, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) is a partnership among businesses and schools created to improve education in science, mathematics, and technology. 

As the Governor's School for Science and Technology in Northern Virginia, the school is also supported by the Virginia Department of Education. Unlike other magnet schools, TJHSST has a four-year, full day program.

Region Offices

The mission of the Region offices is to ensure educational excellence, equity, and higher expectations for student achievement in a safe learning environment; provide leadership, direction, and accountability for student achievement, school effectiveness, and community relations; supervise, advise, evaluate, and hire principals; serve as a school-community liaison; and serve as a broker or advocate for the delivery of services to schools.

The office supervises the following six offices: