TJHSST Policies and Regulations

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) Admissions

The TJHSST Admissions Office operates independently of the high school. For information about TJHSST, click here.

Fairfax County School Board Policy 3355 established TJHSST as “a high school for science and technology where students with exceptional quantitative skills and interest in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, can pursue higher levels of academic achievement in those subjects in preparation for the pursuit of a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics focused profession”. Students are selected for TJHSST through a competitive admissions process and the role of the TJHSST Admissions Office is to administer and oversee this process.    

We are looking for highly motivated students with diverse backgrounds, talents, and skills, who demonstrate characteristics based on FCPS School Board Policy 3355 and TJHSST’s school mission.   


“The mission of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is to provide students with a challenging learning environment focused on math, science, and technology, to inspire joy at the prospect of discovery, and to foster a culture of innovation based on ethical behavior and the shared interests of humanity.”


The majority of students enter TJHSST in their freshman (9th grade) year, during the winter round of freshman admissions. The Freshman, Winter Round admissions process begins in mid-September of a student's eighth grade year.  There is also a Freshman Summer Round admissions process or eighth grade students who move to a participating school division after September 30.  The Freshman Summer Round admissions process begin in late March of an applicant's eighth grade year.

A limited number of students are admitted to the sophomore (10th grade) and junior (11th grade) classes each year as well. The Sophomore and Junior Round admissions process begins in late February.  TJHSST does not admit students to its senior (12th grade) class.

Use these links for additional School Board Policy and Regulation information. If you have admissions questions, please contact us at the Admissions Office (571-423-3770 or [email protected]. Please do not call TJHSST (the high school).