Physical Therapy Services

Our physical therapists work to assure that students in special education benefit from their educational programs.

Physical therapists (PTs) working in educational settings help children participate in their educational programs. School-based pediatric PTs support students:

  • Environmental access
  • Functional mobility
  • Motor function

To assure student participation and to make environmental changes needed, PTs may provide:

  • Assessments of environment and equipment needs.
  • Consultation, coordination, and documentation.
  • Management and supervision of physical therapy services.
  • Instruction and training to students, families, and school staff members.
  • Review and dissemination of scientific literature and information.
  • Motor skills examination.
  • Motor skills training and therapeutic exercises.
  • Dismissal planning.

Accessing Physical Therapy Services

PT services are centrally administered and available in all FCPS schools. School teams collaborate to determine if a student may require consultation or evaluation by PT.

Available services include:

  • Support for school teams and families in the development and implementation of 504 plans.
  • Consultation
  • Evaluation for students receiving special education, or being evaluated for special education services.
  • Ongoing consultation, collaboration, and intervention for students as part of their Individualized Education Program (IEP).

If you would like to connect with your school PT, contact your child's teacher.

Contact Information

Department of Special Services, Therapy Services

Kristin Eddy, Manager
Therapy Services (PT/OT)
[email protected]

Nicole Jacobs, Supervisor
Therapy services (PT/OT)
[email protected]