Equity Profile - Goal 2: Caring Culture

We commit to foster a responsive, caring, and inclusive culture where all feel valued, supported, and hopeful.


Regular attendance is critical to success in school. A student is considered chronically absent if he or she misses more than 10 percent of instructional days during the school year. FCPS works to reduce chronic absenteeism by partnering with parents, students and the larger community to identify and eliminate barriers to attending school. Regular school attendance leads to improved academic performance and on-time graduation.


Students who know they have at least one adult in their lives who cares about them and is available to talk, who help others in their community, and who believe that they can solve problems tend to be more successful in school. Students who have three or more of these protective factors are less likely to feel high levels of stress, to use drugs, or to become disengaged from school, family and community. They are far more likely to feel good about themselves, to recover when something bad happens, and to become happy and successful adults.

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