College and Postsecondary Planning

While some students know from an early age what postsecondary path they plan to pursue, others are not so sure. Use these resources to explore a variety of options for life after high school.

Step 1: Identify Your Plan

There are so many options for life after high school! Start planning now by:

  • Speaking with their School Counselor.
  • Speaking with the College and Career Specialist at their high school.
  • Using available resources such as Naviance to explore their postsecondary options.

Postsecondary Options

Step 2: Document your Plan

Seniors Survey

For Seniors, a Senior Survey occurs every year. The data collected is used to build scattergrams in Naviance. The information provided helps our schools and the district create resources, opportunities, and supports for future classes. Schools contact the students with more information and directions to complete the senior survey.


Each school will share their own school specific junior focus activities, materials, and events. All schools will have their own school specific, transcript request form and process, senior planning and recommendation packets, and additional processes dedicated to postsecondary planning. For more information, contact your school counselor or College and Career Specialist.  

Here are some items that may be included in your senior packet:  

  • Postsecondary Planning Worksheet
  • Resume
  • Student-Parent Questionnaire
  • Student Records Request
  • Teacher Recommendation Request
  • Teacher Comment Form
  • Transcript Release Form
  • Parent Release Form

Step 3: Celebrate your Plan

All FCPS seniors are encouraged to share their plans for life after high school.  

  • What are you planning to major in and which college are you planning to attend?  
  • What entry level career are you planning to begin and with which company?  
  • Why did you plan to do a gap year and with which gap year program?
  • Why are you planning to join the military and with which branch have you signed up?   

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