News You Choose

Connect with the FCPS through subscription-based, email communication

News You Choose

This subscription-based, email communication tool is used for the distribution of non-critical communications such as newsletters, events, news updates, and other topics. Parents can subscribe to newsletters on hundreds of topics including:

  • School newsletters
  • FCPS This Week (Division news)
  • School Board Members
  • Parent Resource Center (Webinars, events, and other parent resources)
  • Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities
  • Family and School Partnerships
  • Business and Community Partnerships
  • And more! 

You will be asked to make an account with an email and password. Then you can choose by clicking check boxes from Division news or your unique school information. Start by opening up the Subscription Topics and finding which topics fit your needs.

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If you are looking for other ways to get involved and learn about FCPS, visit our Family Communication Resources page.