TJHSST Sophomore Application

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) Admissions

Deadline for submission of transcripts and test scores is Wednesday, April 24, 2024, by 4:00 pm. 

Please send your high school transcripts as well as your test scores (PSAT or SAT that are optional this year) to the [email protected] email account. You will be notified when they are approved and you may move forward with the application.

Steps to Complete the Sophomore Application

1.  The applicant must access the Log-In Screen prior to the parent and complete the initial log-in process to create the applicant username (Page 1 of the application). Once this is completed, submit the high school transcript through first semester as well as qualifying PSAT or SAT scores as attachments to [email protected]. The scores are optional but recommended. Once the transcript and test scores have been reviewed, an auto-generated email will be sent through the application advising the applicant whether they are eligible to move forward in the application process.

2.  Parent receives an auto-generated email containing the "link" for them to log-in and create the parent account. This link does expire so parents are encouraged to log in as soon as possible.

3.  Applicant enters teacher recommendation information and completes the Student Portrait Sheet (SPS). The SPS must be completed before the application is submitted.

4.  Applicant and parent must both electronically sign 

5.  Submit the application

6.  An auto-generated email will be sent to the applicant and parent advising them that the application has been submitted. 

Sophomore Application portal

This is where you will click to apply to TJHSST for the Sophomore Round.