Strategic Plan Goal 2 in Action - Safe, Supported, Included, and Empowered

Articles and videos that offer a look into how Goal 2 is being put into practice

Goal 2 - Vision in Action

In Fairfax County Public Schools, education is not just about imparting knowledge, but also about creating a safe, supported, included, and empowered community where every student can flourish. Our vision is outlined in Goal 2 of the Strategic Plan: "Every student will experience an equitable school community where student health and well-being are prioritized, and student voice is centered."

This webpage features a collection of articles and videos that offer a look into how Goal 2 of our strategic plan—Safe, Supported, Included, and Empowered—is being actively put into practice. Through these stories, you'll discover the inspiring initiatives, dedicated educators, and engaged students who are turning this vision into a reality.

Videos Showing Goal 2 in Action

Success in School Attendance

Spring Sprouts is designed to combat chronic absenteeism. The pilot program was launched in five elementary schools, where students engaged in enriching activities during spring break. Learn more about attendance. 

Tackling Absenteeism  

Addressing chronic absenteeism is a key part of our strategic plan. In the video, we discuss the collaborative efforts among schools, families, and the community to ensure every student's success. Learn more about attendance

Middle School Athletics

Witness the transformative power of middle school sports as students share their experiences of participating in athletics free of cost. From enhancing physical endurance to fostering camaraderie, discover how these programs provide a vital avenue for students to explore their athletic passions. Learn more about Middle School Athletics.

Future of Food Show

The Office of Food and Nutrition Services invited more than 200 students to sample and provide feedback on various breakfast and lunch recipes. FCPS cafeterias are beginning to craft scratch-made meals for every student. Read more about the "Future of FCPS Student Food Show" event.

Veterans Day Tribute

Watch the touching recap of an elementary school's second annual Veterans Day remembrance! FCPS thanks veterans for their service. Learn about FCPS support for military-connected families.

Garden Club and Farmers Market

The Garden/Farm-to-Table Club meets on Fridays at Willow Springs Elementary School. Club participants learn how to plan, plant, and harvest a garden of native flowers and vegetables. They also help with the Farmer's Market. Read more about this school, as well as one other with a farmers market.

Special Olympics Pep Rally

The Annandale High School Atoms hosted the Lewis High School Lancers to celebrate FanQuest, an annual event that brings together the entire school to celebrate inclusion through the power of sports. Students and staff pack the stands to cheer and support both teams!

Being Confident 

Step dates back to African dance. It has been passed down to university and high school groups, where members use song and dance to demonstrate their pride and entertain the community. In the video, the Edison High School step team performs and discusses what step means to them.

Articles Showing Goal 2 in Action

A Club to Help Immigrant Students

Meet two students who co-founded the Dunya Club (which means “world” in Farsi). The club welcomes students who have fled war or other instability in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, and Central America. The club offers enriching cultural experiences, academic support, and camaraderie. Read story.  

Annandale students who founded club for immigrants

A Sense of Belonging

One elementary school embraced a plan to increase a sense of community.  Teachers reviewed data from the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Screener. They looked for students who rated themselves lower in terms of feeling part of a school community. 

Then, the teachers were challenged to have daily two-minute chats — about anything EXCEPT school — with the students for 10 consecutive days. Read story

Hayfield Elementary teacher Nicole Johnson chats with a student.

Blue Star Welcome Week

Blue Star Welcome Week is a nationwide campaign to build a better sense of community and belonging for those who serve and their families.

Julia Kim, an eighth grader at Frost Middle School, is one of the 134 military-connected students who make up almost 11% of the school's student population. She is currently in her third year in FCPS and is an ambassador to help other military-connected students feel welcome. Read more.


Julia Kim

Students Are "Silent No More"

In June 2023, the junior class at McLean High School took part in an assembly about drug prevention and awareness called “Silent No More.”

Guest speakers included health experts, a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent, a federal prosecutor, and those who have been personally touched by the national opioid epidemic that has reached Fairfax County. Read more.

Information about Fentanyl

Goal #2 Description - Safe, Supported, Included, and Empowered

Goal 2 states "Every student will experience an equitable school community where student health and well-being are prioritized, and student voice is centered. 

Goal 2 is one of five goals in the strategic plan. The five goals are designed to drive positive change throughout our district. These goals indicate where we should focus our attention and help us align our efforts. Each goal includes an equity commitment and a set of measures that will be used to evaluate success. 

Goal #2 Equity Commitment and Measures

Equity Commitment

We will amplify student voice to inform our approaches, honor students' identities and experiences, and ensure student safety and well-being in an inclusive school climate and culture. 


A. Student academic inclusion and engagement

B. Positive school climate (safety, inclusion, and sense of belonging; academic support; inclusive,
academically-focused culture; and teacher-student trust)

C. Student access to the necessary emotional, behavioral, mental, and physical health services to support their
successful engagement in school

D. Student attendance and absenteeism rates

E. Student participation in extracurricular, co-curricular, or leadership activities

F. Disciplinary disproportionality and recidivism 

Goal 2 states "Every student will have access to high-quality academic programming and resources to support their success.


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