Short-Term Disability

Eligibility Requirements and Accessing Your Disability Benefits

Short-Term Disability

If you sustain a personal illness, injury, have been diagnosed with a serious health condition, or will serve as an organ donor, the STD benefit provides income replacement after satisfying a 20 continuous workday elimination period. The STD program provides benefits from the 21st day of illness/injury to a maximum of 5 months. 



Employees are enrolled in the STD program on the first of the month after completing 12 calendar months of service from date of employment or re-employment. 


Premium Cost

FCPS pays 100% of the cost for the STD program. Income replacement during the elimination period is covered through an individual’s leave balances.


When to File a Disability Claim: 

  • On the fifth consecutive day of an absence
  • If you have been absent for 5 days in a 30-calendar day period for the same condition (non-consecutive)
  • If you are diagnosed with a serious personal illness or if you are pregnant


How to File a Disability Claim:

  • Call Sedgwick at 1-855-937-1387 to report the injury and/or illness. You may also file your claim online at  You must establish an account first on this site prior to submitting a claim).
  • After submitting your claim, Sedgwick will mail you a medical release form. Complete, sign, and return this form immediately.
  • If your disability is medically certified, the benefit will begin after the 20 workday elimination period. The elimination period may include non-consecutive workdays for the same illness, if verified by a physician.


Short-Term Disability Benefit Options

During the first 20 workdays of your disability, you must use accrued sick and/or annual leave to provide income during your elimination period. Beginning on the 21st day of approved STD, you may elect to receive:

  • 90% of your current salary without use of any of your accrued sick and/or annual accrued leave. This option maintains your accrued leave balances so that leave is available upon your return to work. 
  • 100% of your current salary with use of any/all available accrued sick and/or annual leave. You may elect to use your accrued leave to receive STD benefits at 100%.  Once all sick and/or annual leave amounts have been exhausted, your STD pay will then convert to 90% for the remainder of your STD benefit eligibility.  

    Regardless of the option selected, the maximum benefit period for short term disability benefits is 5 months. For 10 and 11-month employees, benefits are not paid for non-contracted days (such as spring, winter, and summer breaks)

While receiving STD benefits, both the employee and FCPS continue to make contributions toward the employee’s benefits. However, employees do not accrue sick or annual leave. 


Program Administrator Contact Information

Short-Term Disability Claims
P.O. Box 14192
Lexington, KY 40512
Phone: 1-855-937-1387 (to report a claim)
Fax: 859-264-4384

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For questions or assistance with your short-term disability claim, please contact Sedgwick using the contact information above. You may also contact the Disability and Leaves team in the Office of Benefit Services via FCPS StaffConnect (Choose “Leaves and disability benefits question” from the dropdown list) or by calling 571-423-3200, option 2.


For More Information

Refer to Regulation 4760.