High Incidence Disabilities Team, K-12

Supporting schools through a variety of models, including trainings, in-services, workshops, facilitated team meetings, and individual coaching.


Our K-12 High Incidence Team supports teachers in the areas of: Curriculum and Instruction,  Special Education Electives (secondary), and Professional Development. Our menu of options are as follows, but we can also adapt our trainings to meet your specific needs.

    Curriculum and Instruction

    • Specialized Reading Programs
    • Specialized Mathematics Programs
    • Accommodations and Modifications
    • Writing
    • Co-Teaching
    • Assessment
    • Materials and Resources
    • Remediation and Intervention


    • Student Engagement
    • Literacy
    • Differentiation
    • 21st Century Skills
    • Twice-Exceptional Students
    • Progress Monitoring
    • IEP Case Management
    • Programming for Student Needs
    • Disability-Specific Information

    Secondary Special Education Elective Courses

    • Reading 7/8
    • Personal Development
    • Strategies for Success
    • Reinforcing Foundations
    • Developmental Reading

    Annual Professional Development

    • Special Education Conference
    • Paraprofessional Conference
    • Summer Literacy Institute
    • Specialized Program Trainings
    • Academic Diversity Institute
    • Summer Literacy Symposium
    • Parent Resource Center Presentations

    High Incidence Specialized Literacy Instruction

    Research-based programs on decoding, fluency, reading comprehension, and writing.
    View the Literacy Matrix

    High Incidence Specialized Math Instruction

    Research-based programs on math concepts.
    View the Math Matrix

    Dyslexia Information

    Learn about dyslexia, online training that is available for parents, and points of contact.

    Points of Contact

    Program Manager: Jugnu Agrawal, [email protected]du

    Region Specialists

    Curriculum Resource Teachers