Portrait of a Graduate Presentations of Learning (POG POL)

Presentations of Learning give every learner multiple opportunities to demonstrate growth toward grade-level expectations for Portrait of a Graduate outcomes.

Growth is a foundational part of education, and FCPS believes that every student should have the opportunity to reflect on their yearly growth of Portrait of a Graduate skills. This assessment, known as Portrait of a Graduate Presentations of Learning (POG POL), is a type of portfolio defense where students share “I grew, I can prove it, and here’s why it matters.”  This can take a variety of forms such as a one-on-one or small group conversation, an exhibition (similar to science fair), or a formal student-led presentation with follow-up questions.

FCPS names POG POL as a measurement for Goal 3-Academic Growth of the FCPS Strategic Plan. Additionally, as part of FCPS’ VDOE designation as a School Division of Innovation (PDF), FCPS has committed that all K-12 students will engage in POG POL by the 2025-26 school year and annually thereafter. Schools have the opportunity to personalize the POG POL assessment experience for their students and communities.

Student Opportunities

POG POL is an opportunity for students to:

  • Reflect on their learning throughout the year
  • Analyze evidence of their growth from work they’ve done in classes
  • Build self-awareness of themselves as learners 
  • Strengthen relationships with teachers and peers
  • Discuss personal strengths and interests
  • Make connections to their lives beyond the classroom
  • Develop public speaking, presentation, and interview skills
  • Celebrate successes and determine next steps for continued growth

Attributes and Skills


Working respectfully with others by honoring different viewpoints, ideas, and perspectives to achieve common goals.


Sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas, and perspectives so others can understand us, and we can understand them.

Creative and Critical Thinker

Creating unique solutions to challenges that arise and making the world a better place by asking: "How can I make a difference?"

Ethical and Global Citizen

Recognizing similarities and differences among cultures, caring for our planet, and acting responsibly.

Goal Directed and Resilient Individual

Making healthy choices when choosing friends, managing time, and setting goals to accomplish important tasks.

Portrait of a Graduate attributes and skills graphic; text on page