College Accommodations

College accommodations are supports and services provided at no cost to eligible students with disabilities. Accomodations serve to ensure equal access and opportunity to benefit from classes, programs, and activities.

Students with disabilities may receive accommodations in college to ensure equal access. Examples may include:

  • early registration
  • notetakers
  • extended time on tests
  • testing in a room with limited distractions
  • accessible classrooms
  • interpreters
  • textbooks in an alternate format

Using accommodations can make a big difference in student success.

When researching colleges, visit the office that supports accommodations and find out what documentation you need to register as a student with a disability.

Requesting college accommodations is a different process than in high school. Knowing the requirements and how to navigate the process is critical to understand before going to college.

Tips for Success

  • Every college has different policies and procedures. Review the policies and procedures for each of the colleges you want to apply to.
  • IEPs are generally not acceptable as documentation of a disability; however, they can be included along with the required documentation.
  • Your disability information is confidential.
  • Although you can request accommodations at any point in the semester, it is advisable to do so at the beginning of each semester.