Middle School Afterschool Program

Something for everyone!

Every FCPS middle school offers a unique, robust, and high quality After-School Program for all students five days a week at no cost to parents.

The After School Program provides an environment where creativity, enrichment, and inspiration thrive.  Here students challenge themselves and work outside their comfort zone to reach their full potential.  Students become explorers, scientists, leaders, athletes, and volunteers in the community. 

Within a structure unique to each school, every program promotes social engagement, quality connections, persistence, and resiliency.

Since 2006, the Middle School After-School Program has been funded and implemented through a collaborative partnership between Fairfax County Public Schools and Fairfax County’s Department of Neighborhood and Community Services.

Each program addresses these areas of youth development:

Academic Support and Enrichment
Social Skills and Youth Development
Health and Mental Wellness
Family and Community Involvement
Information about after-school program can be found on the individual school websites or from the Middle School After-School Program Administrator.



For program information specific to your school, please visit your middle school website and select their Activities or Afterschool page.

For countywide partnerships or general inquiries, contact Mark H. Emery, Administrator, FCPS Middle School Afterschool Programs.