Fairfax Early Childhood Partnerships

Members of the Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership include:

  • Fairfax County Public Schools.
  • Fairfax County Office for Children (OFC).
  • Community providers.
  • Organizations.
  • Family Members.


  1. Use the Fairfax County Equitable School Readiness Strategic Plan to provide quality early childhood experiences for every child in Fairfax County.
  2. Make sure every child is ready to learn when they enter Kindergarten.

Join Us!

Are you:

  • An early childhood educator or provider?
  • A family member of a preschool-aged child?
  • A health care provider (physical and/or mental health)?
  • A dental provider?
  • A member of an organization that supports early childhood?

Then we need you!

Quality early childhood experiences and health and dental care plays a large role in school readiness and can impact a child’s early childhood experience. Join the Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership to help strengthen the network of support our community can provide to the children, families and educators in Fairfax County.


  • Access to professional development.
  • Access to tools and resources.
  • Opportunities for networking.
  • Opportunity to positively impact the community by sharing your expertise.

Ready Children, Ready Families, Ready Professionals, Ready Schools, Ready Communities

Questions or Comments

Email [email protected] with questions or comments regarding the Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership