Technology @ Home

Technology Discounts for FCPS Students and Staff

Software Discounts for FCPS Students & Staff:

  • If you log in and see no products, go to your account information and click on 'Eligibility'.
  • To access these discounts you must log into an existing account, or create one.
  • Students must register using their [email protected] email and renew eligibility annually.
  • Staff must register using their email and renew eligibility annually.

Discount Internet Services: 

Microsoft Office 365 for Staff

FCPS staff can log into (link is external) and install Office 365 Apps on up to 5 personal devices. Installing any app (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.) on a device it will count as one of the 5 installs. For directions and additional information: (link is external)

Adobe Creative Cloud Discounts for Students & Staff:

Students and Staff can receive discounts on monthly subscriptions, directly from Adobe. Please review the site for current price and applications included.

Dell Discounts: Dell offers discounts off laptops, notebooks, digital cameras, and other accessories. 

Hewlett-Packard Discounts: HP also offers discounts off laptops, notebooks, digital cameras, and other accessories.

  • Start here to create or log into your account:
  • If required, our Company Code is #3247, "Fairfax County EPP"