Technology @ Home

Technology Discounts for FCPS Students and Staff

May 1, 2021 UPDATES: (this message will be removed on 5/1/22.)

  • Microsoft Office 365 is no longer available to students through Technology @ Home. FCPS provides devices to all students which include Office 365, so discontinuing this program is a necessary cost-savings. Students needing to renew their Office 365 subscription can subscribe through another provider, or directly through Microsoft at Most post-secondary institutions provide Office 365. Here is an example from: NVCC.
  • The Students and Staff store fronts have been consolidated into one store.

Software Discounts for FCPS Students & Staff:

  • To access these discounts you must log into an existing account, or create one.
  • Students must register using their email and renew eligibility annually.
  • Staff must register using their email and renew eligibility annually.
  • If you registered previously and log in and see no products, go to your account information and click on 'Eligibility'.

Microsoft Office 365 for Staff

Under our Office 365 Agreement, FCPS staff can log into and install Office 365 Apps to ANY 5 Win/Mac/Other devices. If you choose to install any app (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.) on a device it will count as one of the 5 installs. For directions and additional information:

Adobe Creative Cloud Discounts for Students & Staff:

Students and Staff can receive discounts on monthly subscriptions, directly from Adobe. Please review the site for current price and applications included.

Dell Consumer Discounts: Dell offers discounts off laptops, notebooks, digital cameras, and other accessories. 

Hewlett-Packard Consumer Discounts: HP also offers discounts off laptops, notebooks, digital cameras, and other accessories.