General Registration Forms

Forms related to registration such as the Emergency Care Card and Medication Authorization

Enrollment Forms Bundle

  • enroll.pdf

    Enrollment forms bundle, Registration Form, Emergency Care, Health Information, Home Language Survey, Criminal Conviction, Juvenile Adjudication Affidavit, Military Connected

Continuing Enrollment Bundle

  • Continue

    Continuing enrollment bundle for returning students. Health Information, Emergency Care

Individual Registration Forms (in alphabetical order)

  • se219

    Criminal Conviction and Juvenile Delinquency Adjudication Affirmation

  • se3

    Emergency Care Form

  • se64

    Epinephrine Authorization

  • se82

    Home Language Survey

  • se65

    Inhaler Authorization

  • Leaseholder or Homeowner Affidavit

  • se63

    Medication Authorization

  • se200

    Physician’s Referral for Participation in Physical Education

  • se71

    Health Information

  • se75

    Request for Student Records

  • Residency Affidavit

  • mch213

    School Entrance Physical Examination

  • se180

    Specific Health Care Procedures Authorization

  • it19

    Student Registration

  • IT-2

    IT-2 Student Withdrawal