Academic and Career Plan

Find out how Academic and Career Plans prepare students for life after high school.

The Academic and Career Plan is a process for students to plan for the future by exploring college and career options. Students will work with their teachers and school counselor to discover their personal strengths and interests, create goals to help them achieve success, plan for courses that meet high school graduation requirements and prepare for life after high school.

The development of a student driven Academic and Career Plan starts in elementary school with students creating portfolios and reflecting on their strengths, interests, and values. For middle and high school students, this plan is more task based. It is created and stored in Naviance. It is updated regularly as each student’s academic, personal, and career goals change. Students access Naviance Student using their FCPS student ID and password.

Secondary students can write goals and action plans, research careers, add accomplishments and activities into a resume builder, search colleges, develop plans of study for high school, and plan for their future by using Naviance Student.

Parents who have registered for a SIS ParentVUE Account are now able to link to Naviance Student through Schoology to view information about their high school students' postsecondary plans, interests, and opportunities.

To set up a SIS ParentVUE account, go to the Student Information System - SIS Parent Account Registration page.

Naviance Student allows your child to use planning tools that connect goals with their future plans. This tool lets your child personalize their action plans.

As a parent or guardian, how can you support your child? You can encourage your child to set goals and support them in their action plans to reach those goals. You can talk to your child about their strengths, interests, and the results of their various self discovery assessment tools. You can discuss your child’s progress on the Academic and Career Plan. You can coach your child to help them make decisions about college and careers that match their personal strengths, interests, and goals, recognizing there are multiple pathways to success. Each school year, new tasks are assigned to your child and previous tasks are reviewed and updated.

Family Access to Naviance Student

Parent/Guardians can view information about middle and high school students' postsecondary plans, interests and opportunities